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Postby (ETU) Ganja Mayne » Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:50 pm

Clan Name: ElIte Tactical Unit

Clan tag: ETU

Clan leaders: HelloGoodbye, Ganja Mayne, MontyPython...

Founder: HelloGoodbye

Founded: June, 2010

MEMBERS: Not public

Description: ETU is a great clan and , we are a family.....our members are loyal, respectable, determined, team players, in general we are a exellent clan to join....we have members from all over the world.... Our brutes area Powerful... are scouts are intellectual,creative, resoucesful and fast! Our marines are good holders,and come up with good strategy's just like everyone else pvper's and can always capture, we strive to be the best clan and hope one day we will be the greatest and surpass War, GAT, KoW and -7, etc..... As a lot of people are starting to Notice we are a clan that grows vastly in numbers at a fast pace and all of our members are very skilled....We are practicing whenever we can and we are getting ready to WAR other clans!! :mrgreen:

1. Loyalty
2. Respectable
3. Don't Start s*** or instagiate
4. Stick up for your clan
5. No spamming
6. at the end of the day just Enjoy & have fun

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