And now a word from our sponsor... ;)

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And now a word from our sponsor... ;)

Postby HotMama » Sun Jan 29, 2012 3:39 pm

Hello cestos!

Your friendly forum admin here. (:

Just wanted to explain some of the recent forum changes and what's going on.

Karas came to me a few weeks ago explaining about E1Z is and the tournaments that he sets up for you. He requested his own section to keep these discussions separate and unique and I agreed.... looks to have been a great success! Now most recently ROC is heading a section where anyone can post newsletters or other fun things.

The forums are very fluid, things can change at anytime - if you have an idea for the forums don't hesitate to hit me up!

Also if you notice some newly colored names.... don't gets jealous lol. Either you have a clan or you need one! If your clan hasn't been setup here then you aren't really legit ;) pm, email or gtalk and I will get ya goin

Mod changes...

OK so there have been some mod changes to certain forums. I personally guarantee that this won't affect anything you do. My mods are all given the same rules and those rules are simply to be good to you!

If anyone ever experiences a problem with any of the mods relating to content on the forum please let me know and I will promptly deal with it.

I'm always around for whatever you may need ... Happy Ballin'!
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If you need any help for the forums PM me or message me
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