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Postby Mr.BeastVWmvp » Thu Feb 14, 2013 5:28 am

I played INF beta back in 2009 and I wasn't that into it so I never really was an INFer, even now I'm not. I play every now and then on my only profile which is a level33 scout. Even though I don't play often I do like INF and it's pretty fun running around and killing people.

Now here's my issue with the game. What's up with all the backpressers?? These clowns have no skill whatsoever. I have NOT ONCE BP'd and if I did then it was by accident. Look, I'm not a pro at the game. My stats are something like 350 kills and 800 deaths. But even I can see that stats mean nothing in this game. If you suck then you suck. Why backpress? To have better stats? Why is stats are meaningless? Seriously. I burn through a boatload of items just so some joker can exit as I'm about to kill him. I have no respect for these BP'ers and their fraudulant stats. Smh.


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