Biggest Fraud on Cestos - Beast (15 yr old teen)

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Biggest Fraud on Cestos - Beast (15 yr old teen)

Postby DangerMan » Tue Feb 16, 2010 5:51 am

Ever have someone tell you that you have no life because you won in a game of cestos. That's silly. But there are those on Cestos that do in fact have NO LIFE. Well, as much as this story is about calling Beast out for being a fraud, it's also for all you guys with high win percentages and are not RANKED in the top ten because of ChickenBrick's infinite wisdom to award players for EXP instead of skill. Note to chickenbrick... EXP does NOT equal SKILL. SKILL = SKILL. Win percentage proves skill. Period.

I've been playing Cestos since maybe August of 2009. I play about 10 games a day. I had the flu once, I played for three days then. I play to enjoy the game and I do like to win. What I found over time were these things called "CLANS". I've been invited to join every one and some that wanted to start using me as their leader. I'm flattered. But honestly... I don't get the point of clans. No offense to any of you in them but you have to modify your name, be subservient to clan leaders that can then go into the LOBBY and act like pre-pubescent idiots and you are supposed to be associated with that type behavior? But most importantly I don't see any advantage to being in a clan. For cred? For a rep? You know what gets you a rep? WINNING. Being good. You make a name for YOURSELF, not a clan. A clan can give an average player rep, but if he sucks and loses a lot, what does that do for the clan? In the end, good players should stand on their own name.

Where am I heading with all this? Bear with me. This is a post and story you all deserve to read.

When I started playing this game I ventured into the LOBBY. It was filled with retarded discussions about sex. Basically I could tell it was mostly teens trying having text sex in PM's and taking those relationships elsewhere for phone sex or whatever. Mostly because it's impossible to have sex with someone hundreds if not thousands of miles away. Hey, if that's your thing, welcome to it. I don't troll in the lobby for virtual sex, I have sex with real girls and they are in real relationships with me. They watch me play some nights after we have REAL sex and laugh at the asinine behavior we see in the lobby for the few minutes I'm there. Then I leave and play CESTOS. Hey! There's a surprise... you can actually use Cestos to play a game!

Now... unlike a lot of players here. I've ever only had one account. I took it on the chin early with losing but soon figured this game out. My win percentage rose from 10% to 30% to 50% and as I really started moving along I settled in for the past four months at an 86% win ratio.

I started to LEVEL up close to 50. Around this time MVP Beast makes contact. Asks me to join or something... I played him in Black Hole and beat him. I didn't think anything of it other than I added him to my personal list of top 20 players I've won against. I began to wonder how good these top players were as I was beating more and more of them. After all, there has only been one player that ever put me in fits, Booda. Great player, true skilled player. Back to my story... Just about any player that's occupied the number ONE slot in the rankings, I've beat. Now that I've said that, someone is going to take exception to it and give me $hit. That's cool, flame me. But I didn't mention this to 'pop-off'. I'm getting at something here. Bear with me.

In time I come to learn that Beast is a teen age boy somewhere around the age of 15. So I poke at him and tease him every now and again but I don't attack him. He's harmless I figure.

More time goes on. I meet some nice people in the LOBBY and they confide in me more about this kid MVP Beast. He likes to log in, CHANGE his screen name to something like SEXYBIGIRL and pretend to be a girl so he can get photos of girls. Naked ones if he can. I guess that's not a felony for him if he's actually under age. So he's a little pervert. "Funny", I think - but it tells me about him as a person. He just has no f'ing life. I mean, I could log in at just about any time of day and he's on. Doe's he go to school? Weird. I was waiting in a backed-up line at the grocery one day, flipped on Cestos, hit the lobby before playing a single game, and there was Beast. It's like that plenty. I just filed it away mentally.

As you all know I've posted here before. I tried to kick start the discussion board with some topics. Beast came in behind me and supported some of my arguments. OK. No problem.

But I also noted that he had conflict follow-him. Other clans accusing him and his clan of awarding each other wins in order to boost their EXPERIENCE and lift them in the rankings. I heard this was common among clans and that underlings had to give upper level clan members WINS. Another reason I didn't want to join a clan. Every one of my wins and losses are pure. Sure I got disco's but my record is NOT adulterated by agreeing to TIE with another player or give them a win or give me a win. I've suffered through what seems countless games that have taken 20 to 40 minutes when I was ready to go to bed. In this area you could accuse me of taking the game too serious with the NO LIFERS. <grin> I digress - Beast and his clan came under fire. Beast himself had all these arguments following him around in every forum topic.

When Chickenbrick updated Cestos and created the extension of LEVEL 60 from LEVEL 50, Beast was right there with the rank chasers. The day of the update I was re-ranked from 20th to 6th. I won't lie, I was happy. I figured Chickenbrick finally figured they'd get away from this BS 'experience' based ranking and tossed in the 'win percentage' with their algorithm. Whatever it was, I was wrong. Beast and a few other guys in the top ten began what went on for the next 10 or so days a constant epic trend of game playing. Not to win, but to merely PLAY and gather experience. This is what makes you number one? Playing more games? That was December.

Months go by and I keep my trap shut. It's February. Tonight I get another PM from Beast. Usually he asks me questions about my record. Apparently he does this to cross reference many players and get a perspective of what it takes to keep himself up in the rankings. Tonight it wasn't his usual taunt of "you lost a lot of games lately" forcing me to explain that I lost two games out of 20 and the rest were disconnects. No, tonight it was just "86%?" As if at 4500 games played I'm going to move that win percentage by just winning a few more games than I've lost.

So I figure it's time to give him dose of his own medicine. I send him what I intend to be a private message (discussion). But as you can see now he's irritated me enough to dime him out. Here is what I sent.

"Beast just between you and I, your record appears to be a load of sh*t. No one clocks up that many games ..." etc.. I added something about unless they don't have a life, meaning unless he personally had no life outside of playing Cestos 24/7. I can't remember my words verbatim but this was close. So then he fires back angrily, "How dare you question my record..." blah blah blah. His response was filled with haughty words as if he was going to make life hard on me, and he was GOD of Cestos. Uh-huh. At one point I just agree with him, "OK, you are the best. Your rank proves it."

Then Beasty boy starts PM'ing me over-and-over. At one point he tells me IGNORE meaning he's now got me on ignore. Oh... I'm hurt. He sends me more messages about how I'm 0 of 0 because I'm not ranked and that I 'wouldn't understand' what he goes through. Yep, it's a rough life chasing rank by playing more games in a day than anyone else.

DUDE! It's a f--king game! Grow up would you! Go out and join a little league baseball team, meet a real girl, ... oh wait. I forgot. Wasn't Beast's name this week changed to something like BEASTsInLove? Or MVPBeastsInLove? OK... here he gets a pass. He's a teen. Teens can act like teens. But really dude. You are a fraud. You hang out in the Lobby, trolling for virtual sex. You play games other than Black Hole because you can play them FASTER so you can get more EXP and you play all day. (YOUR OWN WORDS) By the way Beast, I dispatched you in Black Hole in short order once. Not only have I never lost to you, I've thrashed your a$$.

People look at his total games played. It's a joke. It's over 14,000 games. And his answer to me in how he accumulated that total was, "I've been playing this game since it started." Ummm this is not your only account. That information is ALSO according to you. And you boosted your GAMES PLAYED through the roof since December. You had a fraction of those games played before that update.

So when I said your record appeared to be a joke. I was just f'ing with you. But when I struck a nerve and you went ballistic. I realized there must have been some truth to what I said.

So here you are Beast. You dumb a** 15 year old dipstick, I'm calling you out. YOU ARE A FRAUD. BEAST IS A FRAUD. You've NEVER beat me once since we've played yet you tell me I'm nothing because I'm not ranked in the top ten? Fool, there are PLENTY OF PLAYERS LIKE ME that know you are a joke. In reality we all know you are a joke. And those players KNOW win percentage means light years more than rank. Rank is a fraud. You are a fraud. Take your dumb azz typing with the letter "z" BS story and stick that up your A-Z-Z. You don't have a broken keyboard, you could type with your G1 on softkeys and type an "s" any day of the week. You could post to the forum using a PC. Or does your PC's S key not work either? You are a fraud on so many levels.

Again Beast EVEN if you played every game without someone giving you wins... You still just played games for EXP, not to win. People like you don't belong in the game. You ruin it for the people that care about winning. No one can be recognized for being good when you as a RANK CHASER play for rank. Hey man... your own words. You said you were more important than me because you are RANKED, and I'm nothing. Dude... I've kicked your a$$ playing this game. That's all I need to know. . BUT ACTUALLY there is one more thing... If I was a 'zero' as you put it, why has EVERY clan asked me to join them OVER and OVER. Look, I don't want to make this all about me, but I've come to learn any CLAN that had me as a member would SOAR in popularity and rep the second I joined. It would be news all over. I may do it just to stick your nose in it.

Beast you act like a wigger and you are a fraud.

OH... and to all you bystanders thinking about jumping in and leaving your two-cents. Feel free. Just know that Beast invited me to this fight in a PM and THAT IS WHY I POSTED THIS LONG AZZ topic here. I'm not angry. I'm just settling a score since Beast wants to play out like he's a bad a**. And please Beast, don't break bad with me like you are some tuff teen that will beat me up either. That's funny. I've played semi-pro football, I slay at paintball, I've had years of martial arts... I'm have nothing to prove in the 'tuff guy' department. Besides, I would not get my self arrested for pulverizing an underage pip-squeak, (that's you Beast).
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Re: Biggest Fraud on Cestos - Beast (15 yr old teen)

Postby terencela » Tue Feb 16, 2010 6:52 am

Best post on the forum. ChickenBrick Gold! You know you're gonna be called a 'dumbazz' though! Great post DangerMan!
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Re: Biggest Fraud on Cestos - Beast (15 yr old teen)

Postby MustBeTheGanja » Tue Feb 16, 2010 7:51 am

DangerMan dezervez a hand clap. That waz the worzt roazt/funeral ever hahaha.

gg noob @ beazt

Ganja > booda..... gg

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Re: Biggest Fraud on Cestos - Beast (15 yr old teen)

Postby Slusho » Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:38 pm

Dangerman u should write a novel, u grabbed my attention and I read through ur very long post. Good read sir, u should play project inf its ten times as fun as cestos. We also have a lobby and little to no sex talk amongst the players.

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Re: Biggest Fraud on Cestos - Beast (15 yr old teen)

Postby HotMama » Tue Feb 16, 2010 1:33 pm

Wow DangerMan! Ur a great writer!

lol slusho u must not be in the lobby when the emos are 0.o

unfortunately i think this is something that just happens with games. ppl suck so they cheat to look good. happens on INF too... but even there these are the ppl you stomp the sh*t out of every game cuz they really don't know how to play. lol gotta love the stackers and easy levelers. its fun knowing i can whoop those level 50s with a level 20 =)
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Re: Biggest Fraud on Cestos - Beast (15 yr old teen)

Postby iLandon » Wed Feb 17, 2010 6:45 pm

Although you are a very creative writer, calling "Beast" out publicly was not the way to go. You could have not mentioned his name, this way you would have got your point out of a certain player ruining the game for you. I did enjoy reading your article though, minus the offensive slurs towards Beast. Of course, private messaging Moderators and Developers and mentioning the name of who is bothering you would have been the best alternate solution of handling your problem. Please do that in the future if need be so we can handle it.
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Re: Biggest Fraud on Cestos - Beast (15 yr old teen)

Postby EVIL_KREATOR » Thu Feb 18, 2010 5:59 am

Dangerman i fully agree with you!!!! Hes a punk @$$ little kid that gets pissed when things dont go his way and now him and the so called #1 ranked guy cloned me and my friend and screwed up my clan so we closed that clan down and he does it again. He needs to be banned for cloning and not reset get rid of the useless waste of our air. He wonders why MVP is failing well look at your leader.

and thank you dangerman i was gonna do a post about him but you beat me to it.

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Re: Biggest Fraud on Cestos - Beast (15 yr old teen)

Postby spy_killa » Thu Feb 18, 2010 6:54 am

Cheeeaaa danger that's wsup bro finily some1 says something about that bi*ch beast and he's he dose acts like he's all bad a** and probly would get beat if he did try but anyway claps that's wsup spykilla out and they do cheat lmfao and evil is right and beast if u see this don't talk mess cause ill own u in iy all day go back 2 scaming your pics
And he should realy get baned 4 cloneing and 4 scaming pics and why can't he get a real girls that he knows probly just a little :geek: anyway I said my peice now I'm gone back to the ghost :lol: :lol: :lol: :P :P :P
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Re: Biggest Fraud on Cestos - Beast (15 yr old teen)

Postby DangerMan » Thu Feb 18, 2010 10:38 am


I think I practiced a good deal of restraint. You say calling a player out was not the way to go. Consider that this was a long time coming. Look at the other replies. If Cestos policed the LOBBY it would find that the entire place needs a ton of clean up.

But having said that, this kid needed a wake up call. Let me use a comparative story when I was a kid. When I was a just a small boy I was obnoxious. Then on a trip my family took annually eight hundred miles away from home. We went each year and I guess being far from home I felt I could act up any way I liked. I was at an arcade sitting at a bar (not adult of course) talking to the owner. I must have been running my mouth like the world revolved around me one too many times ...and he just up and let me have it. He humiliated me to no end. He threw me out and said never to return. I never went back out of embarrassment and anger towards him, but the moment stayed with me. For years I would walk by that place both resenting it but thankful for the experience all in the same breath. I grew up, I learned a lot from the fact someone finally told me I was a$$hole. Like Beast here, (no where his family and friend will know about) got a dose of bad medicine. He got a lesson in growing up without his actual name being known. Like me as a child he got a lesson far from home where he didn't suffer any real embarrassment. In short, sometimes in life someone needs to tell you to grow the F up.

Maybe what I did won't help in one iota. But then again, if it does. Then I've done him a favor. I think I called him out without calling him names etc...

I appreciate you stepping in. I'm glad to see SOMEONE is assigned to moderate here. I can't apologize to the kid because he really did bring a lot on himself. And let's face it. He most likely has not quit the game, he's most likely changed his name and most know who he is all over again. None-of-my-business now.

In the mean time, I hope Chickenbrick does come up with a better algorithm for rankings. That's another post.

Look, In short I'm sorry but no one else was policing this issue. Without Chickenbrick doing the job this heard was left to one of it's own to smack the oddball with the stink eye.

For the record, I won't pick on anyone again. I just want to play the game and have a good time.
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Re: Biggest Fraud on Cestos - Beast (15 yr old teen)

Postby iLandon » Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:26 am

You did call him names, it's in the title, a fraud, and in the subtitle, "The Joke Became Real - Beast Is A Fraud" you called him many things. Although you learned a life lesson at a young age you are not him and you cannot compare him to you. Everyone is different. You do not know his situation.
I am aware that some members in the Cestos Lobby are a bit disrespectful, if you do not like swearing, which is hard to believe, simply turn on the filter.

Thank you for abiding by these rules, remember, if you have an issue, privately speak to a Moderator or Developer.
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