CESTOS THROWBACK: The history of 4k

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CESTOS THROWBACK: The history of 4k

Postby Mr.BeastVWmvp » Sat Apr 05, 2014 3:08 pm

How can we have a Cestos throwback without including one of the most game-changing-est clans in the history of the game?


The original kings of the minefield

A clan that had real teamwork when it came to playing the game

Because in 4 player, you could actually gangbang somebody



The only lubrication the 4k players used was the tears of the opponents they smashed

The original members of 4k were B0MBTRACK, C-Spin, Sharkyy, Spaceghost and I forgot if JoKeR was an OG king or if he was just in it

PS: Sharkyy was a chick. So if you think about it, it's actually 3kings and a queen


But I guess Spaceghost decided that wasn't effective advertising


Anyway, I got heavy heavy respect for this crew. Not only because they're OG. But because it paved the way for a lot of other clans. And so did the individual players who were in it.

BT for example. This dude played a HYUUUUGE part in Cestos taking the direction that it did. The game and clans as we know them today wouldn't be the same without him. I'll get more into that on another throwback.

cEb if he's reading this, can confirm

As for the other OG members

Spaceghost doesn't play anymore. JoKeR doesn't play anymore. C-Spin left. And I haven't seen Sharkyy in years.

4k's history, in a nutshell, is a bunch of ups and downs. There were times where they were HUGE and then times where they were small. For some reason or another though they always ended up bouncing back. And if you look at their history, after the clan has had a dry period, they come back stronger than ever.

I think 4k is one of those teams that will never really die out. Even if nobody is in it.

One more thing, I'm calling out B0mbtrack AKA Mr. 4k himself. Even though he clan whore'd later on, you could see that deep down he was always 4k.

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