E1Z INSIDER: Inside E1Z-Behind The Scenes Special Edition!

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E1Z INSIDER: Inside E1Z-Behind The Scenes Special Edition!

Postby E1Z-TEAM-INC » Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:39 am

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E1Z-TEAM-INC here...posting a response in regards to some recent conflicting issues that have brought about some recent changes to not only membership in E1Z but also to tournament play and the cestos community as a whole. We feel that if this isn't addressed it can only be detrimental to the game we all are so fond of and will cause some major divisions between not only tourney organizers, but also between clans and the players themselves. The main purpose of starting E1Z was to make the game fun and challenging/competitive again, bring clans together, make new friends and keep the cestos community alive and thriving. We have accomplished this infamously. Now at the forefront, it seems a conflict has come about that had been building up for quite some time, and as it stands, we really have no problem with Roc, as long as it is he doesn't sponge off of E1Z's tournament set-up/rules/structure. We repeat..we have no problem with roc. However, the way he has gone about it, in our opinion, is shady at best.

E1Z as a team has brought diversity into the game, and that’s why leaders from each clan are invited into E1Z..as well as individual players. Roc, with his post & action plan, takes that out of the game. He mentioned that under 'roc productions' players would be able to compete in tournaments they wanted to. Cestonians have always been able to compete in tournaments they’ve wanted to and all Cestos players have been asked to participate & even provide any ideas they have had to improve the tournaments. It was also mentioned the new things he will be doing; things we haven’t seen in E1Z... why weren’t these brought up as a member of E1Z during our brainstorming sessions?

With all teams, there will be times that members don’t see eye to eye which is understandable. But, you don't take those issues between one person and make it your agenda to try to tarnish the image of an entire group/E1Z (who are without a doubt the founders & leaders of consecutive tournament gaming on Cestos & now INF) as a whole because of differences of opinions with one person. This is not good for the cestos community at all, especially when the 'cestos players' in said community--that aren't even a part of the personal conflicts between the two involved-- are brought into it directly or indirectly.... as it could just cause divisions between players. A question was asked by many, and the question was asked to you Roc by us, which you ignored: Why didn't any roc members play in our StopLight tournament? Was it mere coincidence or were they instructed/advised not to play? We ask you this and you never answered. You do realize that by telling them not to play or participate or anything to that effect in E1Z sponsored tournaments or anything E1Z related, you then contradict yourself when you say you want 'all of us to have fun and get along'. Tournaments are for everyone and players need to make up their own minds as to if they want to play or not.

To post up a so called resignation from E1Z as BREAKING NEWS and then posting up the intro of 'roc productions' within the same post immediately after is kind of bushleague, not professional & most of all not ethical. This is a shared opinion by us as well as a general opinion by other cestonians, and we hope others also can read between the lines and see what is really going on. It seems apparent roc had 'roc productions' planned for quite awhile. It's also clear Rocs intention of riding E1Z as he unconsciously mentioned in one of his statements.. was just to see how things operated inside of E1Z which also granted access to our data base (player information we've worked extremely hard to stored and insisted on over month) to then copy paste break off and clone the concept on his own instead of trying to work together. Case in point: Battle of Sexes Tournament.. Karas and BT talked about that concept when they were doing our first E1Z tournament way back in the beginning, yet he claims that idea/concept as his own.

Another issue seems to be the newsletter. He was upset when he heard we were doing one, though E1Z always had a newsletter in mind. Then, back when roc told us his idea for a newsletter we said 'Great, we also had a newsletter in mind' & said that he could handle all that in conjunction with ChiCy, no problem. But, E1Z events and coverage were not provided as it was supposed to be in Rocs newsletter as we agreed. So, we finally decided to reinstate our idea of a tournament newsletter for everyone to enjoy with general tournament news & CBS news, as to which it was frowned upon. However, this is an E1Z newsletter and it in no way mirrors or copies any of his ideas in format/design/organization or content.

In closing, the reasons for the tension (NOT SEEING EYE TO EYE) between roc & one of the founding member of E1Z are clear. E1Z thought long and hard on how to respond to these recent happenings, accusations & disrespectful remarks from roc to an organization that has given so much to the community and to roc himself. We don't want to ignore it & we will not, but we also don't want to make it seem like a personal affront upon --Roc--. Nor do we want to make it seem like an attack upon anyone within his clan. That is not our intention. Like we stated earlier, the reason we started E1Z was to make the game fun and challenging/competitive again, bring clans together, make new friends and keep the cestos community alive and thriving. We take great pride in what we as a team have accomplished thus far, and as leaders/creators/pioneers of the concept, we will keep providing unbiased,fun and challenging games for everyone without a doubt. That has been our only mission, goal and what we have set out to do and have done so far.

We do apologize for the late response but we had other more pressing matters to attend to.

Thank you.

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