E1Z INSIDER: Tournament Newsletter February 2012

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E1Z INSIDER: Tournament Newsletter February 2012

Postby E1Z-TEAM-INC » Wed Feb 01, 2012 7:23 pm

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E1Z-TEAM-INC Official Newsletter:
THE E1Z INSIDER: The Elite Onez Tournament Newsletter
Volume 1 Issue #1 : February 1st, 2012
Publisher: E1Z-TEAM-INC
Editor: B0MBTRACK_4K


(Bolded Ones will be regular monthly columns, with more additions to come as we develop and expand newsletter in the coming months.)

I. Insider Introduction
II. E1Z History Lesson
III. E1Z Tourney Champions Update
IV. Let's Get To Know More About A Cestos Player!
V. Current E1Z Tournament News and Future OneZ

VI. E1Z CESTOS/ProjectINF Updates/News
VII. Cestos Flashback Time
VIII. Random Cestos World Observations
IX. Quotable Quote of the Month
X. E1Z-TEAM-INC Official Membership
XI. Closing Statementz


*Hello and Welcome to the first issue of the E1Z-TEAM-INC Tournament Newsletter: THE E1Z INSIDER!! (best viewed in landscape mode via phone ...so do it,lol). We are bringing this to you to provide you with an Informative/Entertaining Newsletter to keep you up to date on the latest happenings with E1Z Sponsored Tournaments as well as information (with some random craziness at times) on the  Cestos Gaming Community.. some sections will be long-standing and included each month with updates and some sections will come and go from time to time, as well as new sections added as we develop them.


*First off, a little history on how E1Z started (this was written a few months back and a lot has changed since then, main thing being E1Z expanding now into ProjectInf as Tournament sponsors, but the content is still applicable to the history of how E1Z was created:

Ok, what follows is an account of how E1Z , "The official Tournament Sponsors of Cestos Tournaments", came about! For the longest time, Cestos never had any long-standing tournament-style organizations in place. Sure, from the CBS forums we had tourneys available to participate in, as the interest had always been there...kudos to ceb_4k for running them from cbs forums, and to Dangerman's BH tourney that ran nicely for the most part.. however, they were kinda sporadic at best but were real fun and seeing them going and being successful and generating interest showed that there was definitely a need and want for competitions..

Karas had posted up an idea for a tourney a couple months or so back on the forums.. INFAMOUS1ZZZZ...it was a real good concept but kinda died off for one reason or another in the forums...but..this is an important piece to the story and beginnings of E1Z....ok....fast forward a bit... And need to give propZ to FASTBALLS..now 8th_FAST..as he is part of how all this came about as well.. FAST gtalks me, saying ''BombTrack, let's get a tourney going from the lobby'' and I'm like cool...so, we go into lobby and just run a couple spontaneous mini-tournaments...those go well, so for next few days we run them from the lobby.. FAST couldn't be at one I was going to do, so he asked KARAS if he could help me moderate the lobby tourney that night..KARAS accepted and was in lobby with me watching me organize and run one. I get a pm from Karas and he is like 'Yo BombZ, I'm just gonna watch and observe you run this lol''... So , later Karas sends me a pm asking me to check out the thread on CBS forums about the INFAMOUS1Z tourney idea.. I checked it out and we started talking about resurrecting it and doing the tournament, but doing it up in a more professional/structured way and getting the word out to players because it was quite a concept tourney to try and pull off...an All-Maps tourney. We got to talking and right from the start Karas and I could tell that the two of us working together (plus getting some others involved with us) that we could pull this off and make this into something bigger..something that we could continue and run consistently.

Since Cestos never had any support for Cestos Tournament Play, we decided to make an organization that would run and support tournament play in Cestos, because the interest and demand was definitely there.. so we got to talking about a name for our group. Karas sent me some name ideas and we were taking back and forth about some ideas, when I looked at the list and took ideas from a few of his ideas and came up with the tag E1Z..elite onez..and it just stuck immediately with both of us..  Karas created the logo & we organized our first tournament..the CESTOS ALLMAPS INFAMOUS1ZZZ open tournament which was fun, controversy-filled, challenging, and one of our biggest tournaments.  A total hit indeed and the rest is history lol.

E1Z has quite a few tournaments completed with more to follow! We want to thank all those involved, including previous and current E1Z membership, the players who sign up for tournaments, and to the creators of Cestos, best phone game ever!! We at E1Z look forward to bringing Cestos & ChickenBricks many more tournaments as we have some great ideas coming your way for future events!


NeXt uP: a recap and shout ouT to past tourney winners of all the E1Z Tournaments:

1. 2011 Infamous1z All Maps Tournament Winner:   

2. 2011 CL4NvVARZ GodZ of War Tournament Winners:   
    8TH K1ll4Z Clan: K1ll4(Karas) -- L3G3NDARY -- Virrus_OG
--K1NGP1N -- Becca -- ProtoType -- Kirbz
--Raider -- Mad_Dog_War

3. 2011 Black Hole 'The Glory Hole' Tournament Winner:

4. 2011 MineField 'The Aftermath' Tournament Winner:

5. 2011 Speedball Demons Tournament Winner:

6. 2011 B4TTLE of The S3X3S Tournament Winners:
    Individual Women's Champion-ROC_4GetMeNot
    Individual Men's Champion- BlackMamba
    Individual Grand Champion- BlackMamba
    Team Champions- Men's Team- BlackMamba
                                    ROCxDESTROYER, Da_Champ,
                                    ROC_Solid, ROC_Vlad, ROC_Roosval
                                    ceb_4k, LOS_Justice

7. 2012 Sumo Kings Tournament Winner:


uP neXt: Interview Time (ChiCy used to interview Tourney Winners; so taking off of that idea, we will feature a Randomly Selected Cestos Player each NewsLetter to interview...soooo.. Let's get to know more about a Cestos Player!.....first Cestonian on the agenda:

AbbyJ !!!
file-1.jpeg (12.24 KiB) Viewed 143378 times

01. How long have you been on cestos? --- I'm only 6 months old in Cestos World 
02. Who was your first green? --- Oooooo...tough one, but I think it might have been MoC_JIZZBOMB
03. What is your favorite map? --- speedball
04. Give one tip for being a good cestos player? --- Have fun...enjoy the game
05. How did u come up with your screen name? --- Haha....that's top secret ;)
06. Who is your cestos crush? --- oh CKUM on..everybody knows this answer...oh boy this is gonna get messy
07. What is ur favorite time to play cestos? --- When feeling exceptionally playful ...cum and get it! ;)
08. If I granted u 3 wishes...what would u wish for? --- 1) endless travel. 2) adventure. 3)... And then...contentment 
09. Would u rather have super human strength or xray vision O.O? --- Strength
10. What's ur favorite kinda ice cream? --- Don't like ice cream 
11. Are u a cat or dog lover? --- Dogs for sure
12. What kinda phone do u have? --- Motorola droid 2 (don't make fun, it still works :P)
13. What do u think cestos needs to make it better? --- More feats...colors!
14. Favorite Song or Band or Type of Music..or just answer all three! --- THIS is an impossible question to answer BT! No way I can pick a song...but right now my playlist consists of: Iron&Wine, TheCivilWars, Birdy, Lana DeRay, lissie...all very singer/songwriter. But have been known to rock a little Notorious...Drdre... RageAgainst...theory...and threedaysgrace.
15. 3 things you cannot live without are what? --- My phone, my camera, and Jack
16. Favorite movie of all time? --- Black Hawk Down or Band of Brothers
17. If u were givin' a MILLION dollars what would u buy? --- A dark room and supplies, full lab set up...save the rest 
18. Fav sex position? --- Hahaha....on top, then reverse it ;)
19. Which is better...Pizza or Tacos? And why? --- Do I have to choose??
20. Name something no one knows about u? --- I have a very naughty secret...of course I can't tell you ;)

***Coming soon.. interviews with none other than the infamous MoC JIZZBOMB as well as well as the only original 'beta' player that can still prove it...fallen!***


Current Tournament News and Future Ones in The Works:

Sign-uPs are officially closed and the field is set for the next E1Z-TEAM-INC Tournament: ST0PLIGHT MAYHEM!! With a field of 16 and best 2 of 3 on the map, StopLight is the next 'stop' in the Circuit of Maps for E1Z to sponsor a tournament on.. I know StopLight isn't played much by too many people, but someone will rise to the Top and claim the Title as StopLight Champion! First Round Kicks off Soon, so good luck to all players that are participating!!!

After StopLight, only other individual Map Tournament that hasn't been done by E1Z is Islands....and..hmmm.. we shall see what develops with an Islands Tournament and if that comes to fruition or not lol..

Another idea in concept stage that a cestos player came up with is a Team DeathMatch Tournament (not a clan one, that is clanwarz only).. this would be kinda like the BOS team concept but the details of how you would assemble your team and style of gameplay and more details will be provided as we develop this idea in the coming months.

Of course... Another CL4NvV4RZ Tournament is in order, as well as with the first Anniversary of E1Z coming up, it will be celebrated with  the sequel to our first ever tournament.... INFAMOUS1ZZ ALL MAPS OPEN TOURNAMENT PART 2!! Look for that in July 2012... Also, B4TTLE of The S3X3S Tournament was a huge success and another one of those will be held in 2012 as well as some part2's of individual map tournaments. So, past winners, be ready to defend your title as Champion!!

E1Z-TEAM-INC would like to also let everyone know that if you have an idea for a tournament or have suggestions, be sure to contact one of us and throw us your ideas, as we are always looking for new ideas and suggestions to make Cestos Tournament Play even better.


CLANW4RZ DM Starting Soon! Kicking off this weekend, starting on Friday, February 3rd!!

*Coming Soon:: Special Joint Project: E1Z/Cestos/INF : THE 10 CL4N COMMANDMENTS*


O yeahhhh....CEST0S Flashback!! Who remembers these days...if only we still had this...then..perfection restored lol!
4p.png (176.25 KiB) Viewed 143378 times



1. Most annoying in-game request of the Month: Hey, can I get free wins to level uP?

2. Oh No I'm Stuck in the Lobby!! Name of the Month: Sexytacos (mmmm lol)

3. Random PM comment of the Month: ''Your stats are fake noob''



*To close out this issue.. my kids are watching SpongeBob..so next sentence Spongebob says... I'm quoting it!

''Poor guy, the ice is really getting to him'' --SpongeBob



KARAS & B0MBTRACK_4K--- Co-Founders/CEOs--Event Coordinators/Moderators
DURF-- Technical Xpert/Web Design Engineer
Becca-- Logistics Xpert/Event Moderator
MoC_JIZZBOMB-- Team Liason/Event Moderator
CEB_4K- Event Moderator/INF Team Liason
OnyX_Jay- Event Moderator
MVP_Aggie14- Event Moderator


''I'd rather be sexting _________(if you could only read my mind, then you would know who!)'' (;

**this newsletter was made entirely using only my phone, so props to the makers of the HTC EV0 SHIFT 4G!**
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Re: E1Z INSIDER Tournament Newsletter February 2012

Postby LuScI0uSb0Mb » Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:57 pm

Props To The Bomb and E1z on their 1st newsletter!


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Re: E1Z INSIDER Tournament Newsletter February 2012

Postby -LOS_WRAITH- » Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:10 pm

Well done. I will pm you my suggestion for an Islands Tourney.
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Re: E1Z INSIDER Tournament Newsletter February 2012

Postby Becca » Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:18 pm

[quote="Bernadette"]Props To The Bomb and E1z on their 1st newsletter![/quote

Great job bomb!

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Re: E1Z INSIDER Tournament Newsletter February 2012

Postby ROC_SOL1D » Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:31 am

too much to read. allow this
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Re: E1Z INSIDER Tournament Newsletter February 2012

Postby xROCxxDESTROYERx » Thu Feb 02, 2012 7:26 am

Lol...No Comment! xD

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Re: E1Z INSIDER Tournament Newsletter February 2012

Postby ROC-Vlad » Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:26 am

-LOS_WRAITH- wrote:Well done. I will pm you my suggestion for an Islands Tourney.

Are you kidding me???????? Islands Tourney??????
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Re: E1Z INSIDER Tournament Newsletter February 2012

Postby AbbyJ » Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:58 am

Great job BT, Awesome first news letter...already looking forward to the next!! :)
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Re: E1Z INSIDER Tournament Newsletter February 2012

Postby MoC4Life » Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:24 am

Islands tourney idea:

Could be complicated ... Whoever can pop the most mines in one turn.. largest mine trick.

To limit the games say u get a set number of moves at the beginning to get situated, in that time u can pop mines freely.. after that, the next time u pop a mine ur count is set for that game.. ex. u pop 2 mines in a turn, ur final number for the game is 2. U pop 10, ur total is 10. All in one turn, no do overs. And of course falling off th board is an automatic loss.

let's say u pop 2 mines, ur count is over for that game. then u just have to stay on the board till the other person pops theirs or falls off. If they successfully pop more than 2 and stay on, they win the game.

This might be cool for island trick players.. idk if they're still around tho. Hope I explained it so it makessense ha...

And I probably wouldn't enter, I don't have a trackball or keyboard for fine tuning!
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Re: E1Z INSIDER Tournament Newsletter February 2012

Postby ROC-Vlad » Thu Feb 02, 2012 4:38 pm

fallen wrote:Omg island tourney!!!

I'd rather eat Jizz's toe nails!!

LMAO !!!!!!!!


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