E1Z INSIDER: Tournament Newsletter March 2012

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E1Z INSIDER: Tournament Newsletter March 2012

Postby E1Z-TEAM-INC » Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:54 am

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E1Z-TEAM-INC Official Newsletter:
THE E1Z INSIDER: The Elite Onez Tournament Newsletter
Volume 1 Issue #2 : March 1st, 2012
Publisher: E1Z-TEAM-INC
Editor: B0MBTRACK_4K



I.   B0MB ThoughtZ--from your Editor
II.  E1Z Tourney Champions Update
III. Let's Get To Know More About A Cestos Player!
IV.  Current E1Z Tournament News and Future OneZ uPcoming!
V.   E1Z/CESTOS/INF Updates/News
VI. Cestos Clan News/History of the Month
VII. Cestos Lobby Flashback Time
VIII.Random Cestos World Observations
IX.  Quotable Quote of the Month
X.  E1Z-TEAM-INC Official Membership
XI.  Closing Statementz

I. B0MB ThoughtZ--from your Editor

*Hello and Welcome to the second issue of the E1Z-TEAM-INC Tournament Newsletter: THE E1Z INSIDER!! (best viewed in landscape mode via phone ...so do it,lol). Ok Ok as I sit here writing this (currently little after 5pm cst), I'm hoping this isn't all for naught, as Cestos is currently down and has been for last 9 or 10 hours, which is ok because now I can get this newsletter completed. I figured it was an overall issue at first, because forums, cestos2 and projectInf were all offline earlier. Everything is back up and running..except Cestos! Haha anyways..made me think couple things. First, Cestos is done and gone, oSh*T noooo...nah...never. Those thoughts were quickly replaced by a 'what if?'... What if Cestos is being rolled back and reset completely to where everyone starts completely over? Think about how great that would be! The race to 50(now 60) is on again! Also, if they put 4player maps back on? O yeah! Anyways, I'm sure our beloved Cestos will be back soon one way or another. Enjoy this issue, and also want to add if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for future issues, contact myself or an E1Z member and run it by to one of us. Peace..BT

***Edit..I emailed CBS, now close to 11pm CST... and just got this reply.. '' Yeah, we had some server maintenance to take care of today. Everything should be back up and running. Thanks for being patient!! '' soooo......as of this...CESTOS is back!!  But I'm still leaving the above because I just am! (:***


This feels little odd, with me writing this, but... Winner of the 2012 E1Z ST0PL1GHT MAYHEM Tournament is... B0MBTRACK_4K. I want to personally thank on behalf of E1Z all the competitors that signed up and supported this tournament, as I know not many play SL map, but it was a very fun and challenging tournament. All of my competition was real tough and had fun playing each of you!


uP neXt: Interview Time (ChiCy used to interview Tourney Winners; so taking off of that idea, we will feature a Randomly Selected Cestos Player each NewsLetter to interview...soooo.. Let's get to know more about a Cestos Player!.....Second Cestonian on the agenda:

fallen !!!
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1. How long have you been on cestos?

Well......rumour has it I am one of the first...I played beta at the beginning of 2009 and still am proud to have my original Beta badge tattooed on my a**.

2. Who was your first green?

Omy...u are asking this old lady to remember a long time ago....and I'm terrible with names....but I remember fondly a lovely guy called Satan, also Homey, MnMarine,and juggers, ring a bell lol.

3. What is your favorite map?

Speedball....I love banging those balls hard....and I get bored easily

4. Give one tip for being a good cestos player?

Erm....(looks at stats) .....play better than I do

5. How did u come up with your screen name?

My name was given to me by Satan back in the day...full name is fallen angel ...most ppl just call me fallz.

6. Who is your cestos crush?

Hahahahahahaha....where do I start...I've had a few, some successful and some disastrous....but one that I've always had would of course be B0MBTRACK xx

7. What is ur favorite time to play cestos?

Late at night , under the duvet, with a friend

8. If I granted u 3 wishes...what would u wish for?

A magic door that would take me anywhere in the world.. For my daughter to be happy...always... To make life a little bit easier (such an old softy)

9. Would u rather have super human strength or xray vision O.O?

I've seen enough cocks in my long life not to need X-ray vision, as far as I'm concerned, if u seen one...you've seen them all! Super human strength would be perfect....as long as it increased my stamina Xp

10. What's ur favorite kinda ice cream?

Plain Old Vanilla

11. Are u a cat or dog lover?

Definitely dog....I have a black Labrador called GothDog....she is amazing. Cats are a waste of space, all sh*t and furrrrr.

12. What kinda phone do u have?

I have a Motorola flip out, but it's dying.... I miss my G1 ...not sure what's next....watch this space...dare I say IPhone!

13. What do u think cestos needs to make it better?

Less horndogs

14. Favorite Song or Band or Type of Music..or just answer all three!

Good Riddence...Green Day. Always played when things are sh*t. But with a 12 year old daughter we cross all genres. Metal, rock, lots of grungey stuff.

15. 3 things you cannot live without are what?

My daughter.. My phone.. My eyeliner

16. Favorite movie of all time?

Breakfast at Tiffanys.....I love Audrey Hepburn

17. If u were givin' a MILLION dollars what would u buy?

If I had a million dollars....hahaha I'd buy your love!

18. Fav sex position?

Do I really have to choose?

19. Which is better...Pizza or Tacos? And why?

Pizza....bloody Brits don't understand tacos, so I have to stick to Hawaiian.

20. Name something no one knows about u?

No one? Erm........I have 6 toes on my left foot

21. What's your zodiac sign?


22. Are their any famous people with your same birthday?... if so, name 3-5.

I. Robert LudlumActor: Gandolf.Magneto
II. Mike Myers:Actor/Writer, Austin Powers
III. Kevin Hefferna: Actor- Super Troopers/Landfill
IV. Cillian Murphy-Actor, Inception.

Next month we will have another interview, so stay tuned..and if you are interested in letting the Cestos community know a little more about you, contact me and I will get you in the rotation!


Next Tournament getting ready to launch is: B4TTLE 4 THE ST4RZ!! Champion of Champions tourney to determine who reigns supreme on the Cestos battlefield:  A Clan Team versus a Solo Players Team..when all is said and done, one team will emerge as victors and have braggin rights as Champions over the others. So who will it be, clan players or solo ones? To be determined soon!

Here"s a PEEK-A-BOO on the B4TTLE 4 THE ST4RZ EPIC!! "CLAN -VS- SOLOKILLAZ"... line-up so far is chilling with:

Serj Tankian
Michel Jackson
the blue electricity guy from "WATCHMEN"
Alec Baldwin
Darth Vader
Austin Powers
The Wayne Brothers "White Chicks"
Ike Turner
George Bush
Hugh Hefner

NOTE: This is A E1Z special invitational tournament so the PRE-line up is subject to change due to availability. If some of the people mentioned have any questions, please send an email or pm to us here on CBS or on CESTOS.

After Battle for the Stars, we will roll out one of the other tournaments we previewed in the 'E1Z INSIDER NEWZ FLASH thread'. We will tackle an Islands map tournament soon so we would like to take the opportunity to say 'thanks' to LOS_Wraith_CEO for sending an excellent idea/set up for a possible island tournament. This will be something everyone can enjoy regardless of level!

On the E1Z INF side, the CLANWARZ DEATHMATCH tournament (headed by CEB) will resume play this upcoming weekend:
"goodluck guys".

E1Z-TEAM-INC would like to also let everyone know that if you have an idea for a tournament or have suggestions, be sure to contact one of us and throw us your ideas, as we are always looking for new ideas and suggestions to make Cestos Tournament Play even better.


1. We would like to officially welcome two new members to the E1Z Team!:

BlackMamba aka MustBeDaGanja - A Well known Solokilla/Artist of great skill & ability


Dgr8_Erock : INF/E1Z forum moderator & clan leader for DBD (Death Before Dishonor) one of the most respected & deadliest clans on Project Inf.

Without a doubt both new members are great creative players with valuable insight and they definitely are an asset to CESTOS, Project INF & E1Z.

2. We would like to announce that E1Z will be creating (E.G.C.) E1Z Gaming Committee. This governing board's jurisdiction will extend to all games under the E1Z umbrella. The members will consist of players from both games that are interested, and apply as well as current E1Z members. Purpose - The Board implements and enforces the regulations governing gaming to protect the stability & fairness of the game to ensure that any issues that may arise during a event that cannot be resolved by the moderating team gets resolved also (E.G.C) responsibilities will include handling any complaint of "unfair ruling " that players may have or any similar situation. (E.G.C) will have the power to over rule any moderating teams decision if a unfair decision where to be made. If anyone is interested in become a E1Z board member, please contact the founding members and let us know ...

1. Why should we pick you?
2. How long have you been playing?
3. What age range are you in?
4. What clan are you in.. if any?

Also, recommendations are accepted as well.

VI. Cestos Clan News/History of the Month

Adding a new column starting this issue that will feature monthly Clan News/updates/happenings as well as a history showcasing a different Cestos Clan's beginnings and how they came to be known.

uP first:
Clan News:

Seems a couple of the OG clans are making somewhat of a resurgence in their membership numbers as of late. MVP and Dgr8 are growing in numbers again, which is good to see and reminds one of the earlier days of Cestos. L0S is currently updating official membership rulings/structure and will soon have guidelines in place. Saw someone with the TEC tag..making me wonder..What happened with TEC anyways?

Next uP:
History of 4K: One of the first Clans of Cestos

Ok Ok Ok B0MBTRACK here and the following is how 4K originated on Cestos. Back in the beginning, during the beta version, 4k wasn't around and I wasn't bombtrack: I was originally paranoid_android during beta, then switched at end of beta to b0mbtrack. Once full version was released, it now had four of the maps we all know; Blackhole, Stoplight, Minefield and Speedball. Minefield was 4player and Stoplight was 3player originally(4player sumo and islands were added a bit later after full release, making it the 6 we currently have,but now because of an unfortunate update, just all 2player maps ugh haha).  Beta version  was just black hole and of course being beta, completely different than the one we are all accustomed to now. Anyways, I was immediately hooked on minefield 4player; all I would play ever back then. To those that missed out on 4player days, you missed probably the most fun map cestos ever had. To be able to chat with three others at same time, and team up with your friends was so cool,lol. Soo, getting to 4k.. I had met some former players, JoKeR and SPACEGHOST, and the three of us all did minefield.We noticed a few other clans starting up: SB (super ballers..or super b*tch as some of us called them lol) MVP , and DGR8. So, the three of us got to talking and joKeR came up with the name and concept for us: 4k...4 Kings. We were going to run it little differently than the other three clans emerging. We wanted 4kings..or leaders..all equal in authority, running the clan. Also, '4' went with our map that we mainly recruited from back then, Minefield 4player.  So..who was 4th king you may wonder lol..well.. We kept shifting the 4th back then cuz our 4th didn't always stick to our concept and what we were doing and wasn't a consistent player, so we kept moving different people into that spot. Anyways, B0MBTRACK, JoKeR, and SpaceGhost were original founders. We primarily had all minefield players back in the beginning and our membership was quite large back then, over 30 to 40 active members consistently for quite awhile.  4k did take a short hiatus somewhere in there, as I remember JoKeR wanted to shift name to a0s (aces of spades, he was from Vegas lol). But then we shifted back to 4k eventually again. Joker and Spaceghost disappeared, as well as a lot of the original players of the game died off, and 4k kinda died off. I kept it going but didn't recruit  anymore..just kind of let 4k exist peacefully in cestonia world. However, 4k never died off completely and is still around albeit the membership is low, but still repping and kicking marble azz in cestos. From back in the beginning, I still have two loyal awesome friends and players with 4k...cEb_4k and La-Reina_4k.. ceb and reina are true 4playerMF vets and have stuck with 4k throughout it all. Also, still have a few old skool cestos players back and taggin it and reppin it still as well...Riot, Newb and Hitman.  That is the history of one of the first CL4Nz'o'C3ST0S....peace, BT

Next Month: The History of: MVP!


O yeahhhh....CEST0S LOBBY Flashback!! ahhhhh memories!! [/i]
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1. Most annoying in-game request/comment of the month:
'has left!'...give it up..not gonna work on me!

2. Cestos Name of the Month:
BiSexualVampire (o yeah!haha)

3. Random PM of the Month:
''can't display due to graphic nature of the content, but trust me.. it was hoT!'' (;



*To close out this issue.. decided to revisit a quote from the forums...

''fish fillet''  ROC_SOL1D aka War_W4ST3M4N


KARAS & B0MBTRACK_4K--- Co-Founders/CEOs-- Coordinators, CBS & E1Z Moderators
DURF-- Technical Xpert/Web Design Engineer
Becca-- Logistics Xpert/Coordinator/E1Z Moderator
MoC_JIZZBOMB-- Team Liason/E1Z Moderator
CEB_4K- CBS & E1Z Moderator
OnyX_Jay- E1Z Moderator
MVP_Aggie14- E1Z Moderator
BlackMamba- E1Z Moderator
Dgr8_Erock- CBS & E1Z Moderator - (E.G.C.) E1Z Gaming Committee member


''Think twice before committing to another 'name change' bet with Bernadette, lest you want to have to pledge your undying 'luv' to karas..smh lol(:

**this newsletter was made entirely using only my phone, so props to the makers of the HTC EV0 SHIFT 4G!**

**COMING NEXT MONTH! Special E1Z Investigative Report brought to you by the
addressing the following question: Why exactly were the 4player maps taken off of Cestos? Stay tuned for the information we find out as it will be posted uP in the next issue of the E1Z INSIDER!**

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Re: E1Z INSIDER: Tournament Newsletter March 2012

Postby -LOS_WRAITH- » Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:18 am

Okay so Cestos was down for how long?...and this is all you have to show for that time? Really? I expected this Newsletter to be...I don't know...maybe a little longer? Okay next time when you have a few more spare minutes. Right? LMAO just funnin you b0mb. Awesome Job.
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Re: E1Z INSIDER: Tournament Newsletter March 2012

Postby Becca » Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:22 pm

Great Newsletter Bomb!

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Re: E1Z INSIDER: Tournament Newsletter March 2012

Postby AbbyJ » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:04 am

Only missing ONE thing...

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Re: E1Z INSIDER: Tournament Newsletter March 2012

Postby B0MBTRACK_4K » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:14 am

Thx Wraith, Becca, Fallen... and Abby.. whoah now that's a nice Insider pic! lol(;
2012 E1Z ST0PL1GHT MAYHEM Tournament
2012 UGP Show Me The Money Tournament
2012 UGP Cestos Olympics GOLD Medals:
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Re: E1Z INSIDER: Tournament Newsletter March 2012

Postby E1Z-TEAM-INC » Sat Mar 03, 2012 6:44 pm

DAMIT!!! forgot my password so im poping in under our E1Z Account
great job BOMBZ nice edition. lol i hope i get t go against VOLTRON though when i kick his azz he'll probably pll his sword out n end me like he always does when hes losing smh.

Im totally digging on that pic & layout ABByJ

GREAT FUKC1NG JOB... THATS SH1T IS HOT. ur right it addz some flavor love the way the name & the placemeNT plus the pic fuel the imagination lol how many people subconsciously pictured or heard that little voice say .. YESSS HELL YEAH I WOULD LOVE TO BE INSIDE HER.. LMFAO RAise ur hand...... :mrgreen:

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Re: E1Z INSIDER: Tournament Newsletter March 2012

Postby AbbyJ » Sun Mar 04, 2012 12:48 am

E1Z-TEAM-INC wrote:Im totally digging on that pic & layout ABBJ

GREAT FUKC1NG JOB... THATS SH1T IS HOT. ur right it addz some flavor love the way the name & the placemeNT plus the pic fuel the imagination lol how many people subconsciously pictured or heard that little voice say .. YESSS HELL YEAH I WOULD LOVE TO BE INSIDE HER.. LMFAO RAise ur hand...... :mrgreen:


Thanks Karas, you so eloquently ;) captured the feel of that picture ;) ....and I should send you the pic prior to the "ez1 edit" I had mixed feelings about covering her most amazing asset ;)
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Re: E1Z INSIDER: Tournament Newsletter March 2012

Postby KARAS » Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:23 pm

quick heads up i was updating our E1Z account as some of you may have notice, so if ur id picture has the our E1Z logo & ur name is H :mrgreen: T GREEN!!! its because u have been added or drafted 8-) ) to the E1Z group members list it an automatic thing done by the phpBB system, no worries just reload ur original pic and ur good to go, send me a quick pm on here or hit me up on gtalk if anyone has any questions.

have a good one peeps
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Re: E1Z INSIDER: Tournament Newsletter March 2012

Postby LOSLeadership » Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:45 pm

Excellent Newsletter b0mb.
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Re: E1Z INSIDER: Tournament Newsletter March 2012

Postby 4k-riot » Fri Mar 09, 2012 9:44 pm

BT awesome post man. This brang back some memories. That lobby pic almost made me cry lol. Man we gotta do something idk what this post just brings back the memories man. Great job dude. Lotta love <3

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