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Postby Lo0pz » Wed Jan 06, 2010 5:50 am

magik wrote:Actually what would be cool is to have stats, posted here, most kills etc, and automatically update here on a special page "stats" so when a game ends it would automatically update the forum, Kinda of like when I go gokart raceing, you see your time and ranked against everyone that ever went there and could see your stats on line.

This is more than just a cool idea.

I was actually going to build a business around this concept which would be a feature to a service which offered online managed forums for phone based applications. For example Gang Wars didn't have a forum when I started playing it so off the back of it I created a 3rd party fan forum which was the first forum for the game. People were logging on and sharing views and were thrilled with what information could be further accessed.

In addition to this I noticed that a lot of popular applications didn't have a back end community facility such as a forum therefore I teamed with another player who has excellent knowledge of this type of technology and various others to develop a package which comprised of a fully managed forum with customised features.

One of those features was a tool which allows people to view live stats from the game on the forum. This is possible but would take a bit of time and effort to keep it "Live" say every 30 seconds or less.

I discussed this idea with Get$ recently and we talked about what type of information would be most popular to look at. As you've pointed out Magik just to check people’s stats would be handy and probably the only information you would need to gather at this stage in INF's infancy. Looking ahead when more players join and more funding is available to CBS there could be investigation in to other features such as a Ladder system which would be an automated monthly reset competition allowing users to register and compete to be top of the pile based on experience points or kills/death ratios or what ever. If this type of technology becomes available in the future then a "Top 10" board would be possible and available to put on the forum.

Not only would this be a first but I think it would be fun for us to see/use. Not just a good idea Magik it's an outstanding idea.
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Re: Flag Count

Postby ZooM » Mon Jan 18, 2010 5:06 am

Excellent Idea. I have all these thoughts as far as bringing people to the game as well as new creative things that will bring new light to the game. I just didn't want to flood this forum with mass posts, but I believe with your skill and web savy and my designing and ideas we can really make this game BIG.

What'd you think?
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Re: Flag Count

Postby breannak » Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:10 am

Man I hate how I score like 4 flags but had no time to kill and end up at the bottom of scoreboard -.-
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