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Postby Phantasm » Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:12 am

Honored for courage, fortitude, patience, perhaps even an inhuman luck...........
Honored for compassion, leadership, or an amazing accomplishment.......

This is your place in INF history, to shine for all to see, both members of old and ones to come.

In order of nomination date......

Name | Title

xneXesx "The Elitist"
"I would like to be known as the elitest player, who formed a clan which is unparalleled, copied but never duplicate...a loner at the start with a lot to prove who along the way realized, I can better my friends and INF by helping others."

BlackHeart "Relentless"
"Relentless, for he will not concede. If he sees something is wrong, he will do everthing in his power to fix it."

The Flash "The Alliegant Friend"
"you've remained STR through it all and played INF continually. You may play random characters, but regardless, you watch out for your friends. You even play the game with loyalty in mind. You don't just play INF, you socialize and make bonds and watch those people's backs even if it means fighting a losing battle."

Pedro "The Enlightener and Friend"
"He helps the game where no one else sees. He teaches unknown players to become players who love the game and play the game more and more. Without him some players would just leave and uninstall. He does this with pure energy and heart. The guy's a selfless asset to the game."

JewOnIce "The Random One"
"If randomness brought happiness and joy what fault have I? What FAULT have I? Let thy Lord Jew judge for making the poor, demeanor lonely, sobs I have met happy. God have mercy on ur soul for randomness will come to u soon at a random time at a random place....."

WeaponX "The Vanquisher"
"A player that has over 27,000 kills and has not once to my knowledge bragged or has used his experience to put another player down.
Having devoted over 12 years to the military...This shows in his everyday activity and dedication to remain honourable and polite regardless of his outstanding record."[As of May 2010 WeaponX's kill count has reached over 50,000.]

NinjaBoss "Rising Leader"
"A wise leader knows when to fight and when to surrender knows how to accept defeat and stays humble towards victory. A wise leader shows patience, strength, courage, compassion, and gratitude and above all dignity this is me to the point. I might not be the best but I am among the best as I said I started as a beginner but I will end as a great leader."

Shinigami "The Guardian"
"one of the best defenders...someone who is not afraid to let his opinion be known and will defend someone on the end of a wrongful personal attack if he has to. I think The Guardian...reflects his in game
skills and personality."

Loopz "The Gentleman"
"... a true gent. He never involved himself in drama on or off the forums, he helped make WaR become what it is by giving up his own time, he promoted the game and offered his services to the game at his own costs."

Phantasm "The Persistent"
"out of all of those that play the game you are still here. Through all the forum drama you are still here. I know at times even I have been known to give you problems but you have never given up. You have been as unbiased in decisions as possible and you definitely deserve this more than most."

GetDollaz "Most Wanted"
"he is honorable in devoting time with his clan of choice he puts a lot of work in it and at most teaches a lot of players the way of the game. he has given advice to keep active activities such as clan leagues and as much a dirty job...an honorable villian keeping the forum going, that's a hard job taking a lot of brutal insults"
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Postby Phantasm » Sun May 02, 2010 2:11 am

Want to see the full trials or start your own nomination?
Click the linkage VVVV
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