Lions! Tigers! and BANS!

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Lions! Tigers! and BANS!

Postby BeautifulDeath » Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:11 pm

It has been brought to my attention that some people are just visiting the forums to cause a stir.

Fine so be it, I am not trying to stop free speech and I am not going to delete everything. Let us excercise some common courtesy tho eh?

If a thread is made by a clan about their clan, keeping track of their clan and for their clan. Then keep your stupid BS comments out.

That being said, this is the clan section. Much like INF's warzone everyone has a right to come and trash talk other clans and all that good hoopla. You may not be in a warring game but it is a competition. Start a new thread, and cause all the stir you want, the people can choose to respond to douchebaggery however they would like. Ignoring it would be my first suggestion.


Since I am tired of deleting comments from threads for which they do not belong I will be starting to temp ban if you are posting insults on a formerly friendly thread (at my discresion) So like I said... wanna talk trash? click that button and make a whole new thread about it.

Thanks for your time ballas :)

as always... complain to Hotmama... her info is below...

If you need forum assistance message HotMama or gtalk
If you need game assistance message our devs
Happy Gaming!

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