LOS__Love Us or Hate Us__We are here to stay

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Re: LOS__Love Us or Hate Us__We are here to stay

Postby Mr.BeastVWmvp » Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:53 am

"I enjoy getting under the skin of all d*ck bags"

Lmao. Wouldn't that mean you love getting under the uncircumcised foreskin?

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Postby KARAS » Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:42 pm

Omg,,,,, i dont remember ever laughing so fkn hard & having so much fun on a thread before this one "truly epic" not for nothing somebody take a pc screen shot of the last two pages since i heard someones been blowing up the report button "TILT". Hey beast while Mr. ILuVbAllSacKZ goes back to the drawing board. Ill go back n quote you on something.
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good memory beast

Postby KARAS » Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:49 pm

Mr.BeastVWmvp wrote:The THING is. Even LOS JOE was a NOOB.

MVP gave him a chance.

Like DGr8 gave Karas a chance at 1,600 wins and 2 thousand something losses. (lol)

Just like LOS gave WRAITH a chance when his stats weren't perfect.

Now look at that

Beginners are the future to this game

Wow i can believe you recalled my stats bro lol,,,, ummmm ummmm i swear those were all dc, ,, lol im joking yup bro those stat are real everyone use to tell me to reset and start over. After i started whooping nonstop a** i remeber TEC BULLET later known as Los Bullet asked me so u gonna reset? I told him na, i just cant to me they had a sence of history. I told him i was going to fix my stats i said i wanted my winz to exceed my loses ss proof of my skills evolving,,, he laugh, not in a bad way it was more of a are u crazy way and asked me "u sure u want to do that" hells yeah, y? I said. He pm me back saying "you'll see why i ask, I'll hit u up in a week".

Man i don't know if people know this but the hardest thing to do is flip your % from - to + which is y its customary to reset. See when your loses exceed your winz U have to have twice the amount of consecutive wins just to gain 1+% because the odds are againt you. Actually the higher your loss % is the more consecutive winz u have to have to increase your % in a positive way. % and statistics aren't my are of expertise so i can't pretend to explain it clearly. But my point is or lets just say its a mothafknbioch to do lol. Ill tell you one thing though once i hit 51% wins over losses Tec Bullet was tbe first to hit me up with "congratulations job well done" haha after that i took a week off cestos, vacations lol. sh*t back then cestos was loaded full of players & still just to get 100 conservative straight winz would take 8-9hr of non stop playing i lived on cestos everyone said & i did lol. Flipping my % t took for ever.

All in all my loses are to some of the best player om cestos i was fortunate enough to have them want to teach me, and when it wasn't training time i hunted them down, all the CEOs all the best cestos had to offer that was my schooling, so you see and maybe understand y i never reseted it the history of how loses because victories. And that trainig was great. & Absolutely worth it .
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Re: LOS__Love Us or Hate Us__We are here to stay

Postby Mr.BeastVWmvp » Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:48 am

The noteworthy part of not reseting is that it is more respectworthy than reseting

Anybody can start over and nothing is wrong with that but having to work harder is where it's at and deserves more recognition

How do I know?

Well, I was the 2nd person to do a reset. The first one was Chelsea

Honestly bro. A big part of me wishes I had never reset

If I could go back in time I might've not even done it

I remember trying to convince oNe2III to do a reset (he was around 7k wins at the time) but he didn't go through with it

Wish I hadn't either
When Virus was recruited he had stats like yours

Somewhere around 2,400-3,400

He eventually brought them up

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Re: LOS__Love Us or Hate Us__We are here to stay

Postby Mr.BeastVWmvp » Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:52 am

Bullet. I have that dude on FB. Dandy guy

Bullet was in RVP which was an extension of MVP when they weren't quite up to par YET

When he got to the point of being able to join MVP he was at a crossroads.

He was deciding between MVP and LOS

I told him. Bro go ahead and join LOS

Did I not want him in MBP? No. We wanted him

This is just another example of the support we gave to Joe

Did I just pull this story outta my chocolate factory??

Go ask Bullet when you see him

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Re: LOS__Love Us or Hate Us__We are here to stay

Postby Mr.BeastVWmvp » Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:58 am

That's why I disagree largely with Wraith being CEO

And this isn't just targetting him specifically

I believe CEO's should be senior members of the clan that have been around in it for awhile

OG members remember the clan's history. The humble beginnings. They remember that NOOBS and NEWBS are where it is AT

New members that haven't experienced the old days of the game and their clan usually don't have as much appreciation for their team history and how their team was with other teams

Clan history is rich and thick with interesting details and I have stories for days

Tbh Karas I didn't agree with you being DGr8 CEO either but time passed and hearing from you again I am convinced you deserve the position

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Re: LOS__Love Us or Hate Us__We are here to stay

Postby Mr.BeastVWmvp » Thu Apr 04, 2013 2:32 am

Plus I agree with the clan leader being an example

They should be one step ahead of the lower ranking members so the newer players have them to look up to

That's why Wraithena gives himself a bad name by backing out of so many challenges and not fighting and repping half as hard as several much lower ranking LOS members

I understand that we have our own preferences in how we play and who we play but as leader there are some sacrifices you have to make for the sake of your team's name and for the respect of others

Leaders lead by example is a great saying

What kind of example of a clan CEO is someone who backs down from challenges continually ??

ROC CEO ---ROC--- went out and played in the tournament and repped his team. So did many of ROC members. And LOS Amon and LOS Morgoth went and did their thing too. 9R has been working A LOT and is busy with real life obligations so he isn't on as much. Myself, Aggie, and Overwhelm went out there for MVP. In the finals Jay went ahead and defeated me in Sumo. Congratulations again Jay.

But where was LOS CEO Wraith?

Nowhere to be found

The supposed highest ranking leader of LOS wasn't there representing his team. Instead he missed out on another tournament.

A terrible example of a clan CEO

Plus I don't believe every member of the clan should be a leader

In Cestos, clan rank and position (I personally believe) should be earned. Through high rank, good leadership, stats, accomplishment, etc. It gives it a sense of true accomplishment. Instead of just handing out a chocolate cake to everyone that passes by. If anybody can have it it won't be as desireable. It is actually something people work for. Not just a freebie. That is good motivation for clan members and gets them productive

Plus one or two or possibly 3 CEO's can give the clan a similar direction instead of having everyone leading everyone else and it becoming sloppy

9R started out as the waterboy of MVP and look where he's at now. Aggie was just a regular member too

And this goes back again to beginners being the future of the game

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Re: LOS__Love Us or Hate Us__We are here to stay

Postby Mr.BeastVWmvp » Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:47 pm

And to tell you more about your team history

DGr8 was born largely out of conflict.

The original founder was in fact oNe2III and a lot of the ORIGINAL members of DGr8 jumped ship from MVP and went into -nV then DGr8

We were able to convince some to come back but others left for good

A lot of MVP had their loyalty with VIIIRUS and where he went they went

The ones loyal to MVP and myself stayed(9R is an example)

DGr8 was founded around the beginning of 2010 and the surprising part was that more than a handful of DGr8 members were a mix of people who were previously clanless and were loyal to their original team but switched. (MostHatedinTx for example)

That part was truly surprising

I actually enjoy the rivalry MVP had with DGr8

I think it's good to have team rivalry

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History 101

Postby KARAS » Thu Apr 04, 2013 2:16 pm

Couldn't agree with you more candidates for CEOs should always be senior member's for obvious reasons one of those reasons as you mentioned to continue the clans founding vision. Thats why the succession of Los should have been either Bombtrack, GodkillaR or Justice but well it didnt go that way & Tools are always usefull. In wraith defense hes done what he can inspite of his limited resources.. he should have tap into others & imitated instead of making enemies but oh well. Wraith you should have  a pen & notepad out this and about the last 4-5 pages is in fact when u should be taking notes & paying attention.

@ beast Lmao bro,,,,,

I have to admit when you first came back i was a bit skeptical it was actually you but no doubt its you lol AGAIN i must say welcome back man.

Everything you said about MvP & DGr8 dispute and how DGr8  came about is absolutely true, lol back then more than a few DGr8 weren't to happy you and I were cool with eachother especially since our orders wher "Hunt any an every MVP " """sighs"" the good old days. I also remeber Los essentially being a combination of excellent players from other clans mainly DOA. Members from MVP, 4K, Dgr8 & some other clans also eventually formed the roster for los. Personally ni recall alot of DGr8 members constituting thier roster. Anyways & Consequently this is when Los was its strongest in its beginning after its inital slump & shaky start and before the rumors of Los having boosting accounts for its players. Los was composed of expirence players. Players that either were donated from another clan, players that where X clan menbers & players that had migrated from other clans or were poached lol from other clans. no noobs really just players that already knew how to play. 

" Beast thanks for refreshing my memory on some of the events that took place. oh and reminding me about DOA i had totally forgot about them & about that merger to los. And yup its all in the old forums threads also

Ok getting back to what i was saying:

When los was only 4-5 members i myself was invited to los by  one of its original members a very good friend of mine 4k Derk aka Los Derk and as i recall i was also invited by you also beast lol & though i seriously thought about it i ultimately declined Which is obvious. As a interjection for our readers and future clan creators or leaders as advice.  One of the biggest problems DGr8 had was it was too big . So my advise is not to small not to big.

Since you mentioned VIIIRUS DGr8 former CEO. I was recruited by VIIIRUS  during a sumo game in which he kept winning & i kept rematching, simply because as he said "Your annoyingly persistent you wanna join DGr8" and that was that. Here's a lil something only 4k BOMBTRACK knows, when VIIIRUS asked me to be DGr8 CEO i declined and it took me about  a week to say yes, But this thread isny about DGr8 really nore me so getting  back to your post.

I couldn't agree more with everything you said,,,  one of the first things i told wraith before was voted as ceo and after was

'You need to stop only picking noobs to play with & by invite no less, get into random games get off bh, learn the other maps"

When he became ceo i told him

"u need to step up 1) start playing reputable players. You need to hit up & get into the tournament lead Los & you need to start playing all the CEO".

But nope in one ear and out another & its all in the past now, so who cares. The Damage is done.  Unfortunately some people never grow out of that noobish "stats!! stats!! !stats!!!" Phase they get so obsessed they forget fundamentals. Some get so caught up on stats and the image they can project "key word being IMAGE" SO some people resort to unacceptable means to elevate their stats. This gives birth to my next forum thread which is

"How to Cheat on CESTOS"

Because instead on pointing fingers at obvious cheaters. Lets educate the masses & explain how its done so they know how to spot someone cheating so everyone can decide on their own, let Common sence be judge & jury.

Though pointing the finger is hells fkn fun  ;)  :twisted:

Its an informative piece.

So stay tuned!!!

Till then i remain as always

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Re: LOS__Love Us or Hate Us__We are here to stay

Postby MoC4Life » Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:21 pm

Wow class in session!

Karas great to see you posting again as always, even if sometimes I need more than one sitting to finish the essay haha

But seriously damn you're a cestos historian, beast too. and delivered a much needed schooling to wraithena... when I saw his last replies of course it was not a surprise to see he learned nothing. But really if someone reads any posts, at the very least, posts 1) and 2) "dont be a fool" and "truth be told" need to be read. That was a true b*tch slap from a master to a poser... and much deserved after wraithenas responses which were typical. I had to LOL when I saw him try to pretend like he didn't read every word of those posts many times over, then he tried denying who he has been on these forums and in the game for years... pathetic, I'm embarrassed for the guy. I mean how dumb does he think people are...sometimes a person is better off cutting their losses which maybe he is now realizing. Probably not.

I know the how to cheat cestos post will be good haha... a while back now I got a peek at the LOS handbook for ranking and no doubt there are parts of it in there word for word!
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