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Postby GoDKiLLer » Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:48 am

I've been around for awhile now, I've seen many players come and go. Not everyone knows my LOS background, so I'm leaving a condensed record of it here.

I'm not exactly sure of the date of my very first cestos game, but I can tell you that I was being recruited by LOS RICAN back in the spring of 2010. I told him I would think about it, and eventually, I figured I had nothing to lose. Around the time I tagged myself as a LOS, my record was 1420 wins, 100+ties, 420 losses, how I remember that is anyones guess ;)

My first appearance on the forum came unbeknownst to me, my name was tied to a gathered list of talent being asked to play in the Elite Invitational in Sept. 2010
The list was like 70 players deep, and although I never joined, it was clearly evident by my updated record, my game had accelerated to a new level.

From the DGR8 clan:
Godkiller 2493 / 550 --> *1073 more wins, only 130 losses since that spring. (89.2%)
Legendary 8755 / 3859
Dracula 1366 / 661
MostH8ed 26459 / 15003 (dude get a life, LOL)

*LOS RICAN spotted the error, and claimed me as being a LOS. I was never a part of DGR8 or any other clan.

I targeted every other clan during that time, playing many of the so called "high ranking greats", thus discovering most of them were not likely to provide any more challenge than any other veteran player.

Though I have played every map, I've always enjoyed the Black hole chess matches against a solid player, My map breakdown is something like 90+% BH, less than 10% everything else combined.

After JOESUP retirement, we began to lose several of the veterans that had had been the core of the clan. LOS Rican, and then LOS Justice stepped up to fill JOESUP shoes, along with the rest of us we reforged the clan with new recruits who would come to understand the LOS way.

The other clans have been insanely jealous of LOS success, often lying, imitating, or begging to be in LOS. Our opponents call us names, accuse members of cheating, try to devalue our accomplishments, and yet we are generally true to ourselves. Rarely are we inclined to make war except that on the battlefield of CESTOS, or after we are attacked first.

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