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Postby Mr.BeastVWmvp » Mon Dec 02, 2013 3:05 am

It sucks to lose a game. It hurts your pride(the good kind of pride not the bad) but I'm also thankful because everytime I lose I learn from the mistakes and become a better player, so in reality, I also win.

For the new players or anybody trying to master a map, all I will say is don't get so caught up in stats and win percentages that you lose sight of what really makes you a skilled player


Don't get me wrong, winning betters you, but losing plays a necessary role

I will even go as far as to say that LOSING is actually MORE beneficial to you becoming a better player because it EXPOSES your weaknesses and opens your eyes to the HOLES in your gameplay

You win a game

It feels good.

You think everything is fine and dandy

What now?

But when you LOSE you're like fuuuck so THAT'S what's WRONG with my strategy

Losses are like the visine that clears the dirt out of your eye so you can see the bullsh*t in your gameplay

What areas you need improvement in

Cuz when we win we have a tendancy to think nothing in our gameplay needs tweeking

In my experience, losses have bettered me more than wins have

So to all the noobs out there, don't be afraid to lose

Don't be overly self concious that the pros think you suck, just focus on bettering your technique as a player

Cuz trust, 90% of us think you suck anyway lol

But that's okay, because we ALL sucked at one point

AGAIN, it wasn't the WINS that polished my skill as a player, f*ck no, it was the LOSSES

Because the LOSSES are what got me to pull my head out of my a** and see my FLAWS as a player

ANY mother f*cker can say that nothing is wrong with him and he doesn't need to change, but how often do you hear them admitting they have flaws?

Not often.


Do I have flaws in my gameplay?


Alex, can I get another U?

I have MANY areas I need to improve on in my marble playing

I've been playing SUMO for 4 f*cking years. I'm talking 2009. And a few weeks into playing it I thought I was skilled already. And I was. But where I was back then and right now are on two different planes. I would WHOOP 2009 MVP Beast. Just like future MVP Beast would probably whoop 2013 MVP Beast.

Sumo-wise, its funny, because I thought I hit my PRIME years ago. Helllllll noooo. I'm just BEGINNING my PRIME.

My improvement in my sumo playing has been off the charts this past year.

And I'm STILLLL getting better, I'm STILLLL seeing more areas I need to work on, I'm STILLLLLLL improving

And what do I thank for it?

The wins?

Hell no.

The losses, n*gga

Shout outs to everyone who's ever whooped me in sumo, shout outs to everyone who has ever beaten me over and over, shout outs to every mother f*cker who's embarrassed me on that map.


Because its thanks to YOU mother f*ckers that I developed the skill I have as a player today

Damn near everyone who I ever considered a difficult opponent in sumo I can smash now

So you noobs and beginners, don't be afraid of losses, its part of the refining process. Accept them. Receive them. Let them better you. And over time you'll start to lose less and less. Then one day, you'll realize that you've become pretty f*cking good in that map

Remember, losses are key

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Re: Losses

Postby SirDross » Wed Dec 17, 2014 12:08 pm

Yes, I agree

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Re: Losses

Postby SirDross » Thu Dec 18, 2014 8:02 pm

I actually take my losses out to dinner, that way I really get to understand them.
Albanian keeps me swimming in losses, but I know that playing people better than me helps me grow in my gameplay.

Keep em' coming! :-)

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