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Re: minefield tips n hints

Postby MustBeTheGanja » Thu Aug 11, 2011 6:18 pm

8th-Kirbz wrote:Has left! Type that in and it said u left Nd most ppl leave taticle advantage


Omg this really works!
Karas make this guy a trophy!!!

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Re: minefield tips n hints

Postby GoDKiLLer » Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:37 pm

Yeah, its been tried on me a few times lately, I just text back...wont work on me... also the "has left" deal won't work if you just wait until a trophy is awarded.
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Re: minefield tips n hints

Postby B0MBTRACK_4K » Sat Nov 19, 2011 11:15 pm

OKOKOK gonna give up another key gameplay strategy..this helps set up the board for moves 4 and on.. for me..the first 3 moves are key in MF..they set the tone and strategy for the remainder of the game.... First move..full power right to the middle...second move....depending where your competitor is...full power usually playing 'off' of your competitor...and you use the walls/angles....bounce off walls, setting your marbles up in key spots for third move...aggressive attack move usually..but never directly at them..u have to anticipate where they are going, and if done properly you will push/bounce them into mines..always keep in mind the effect of what hitting their marble will do to yours, weighing the odds of any mines u may bounce into... First three to four moves I play real aggressive, then remainder of game slow it down, always looking to seal off/trap your competitor in while working to get both your marbles near each other on same side, so u can then use/sacrifice one for space if it comes down to survival mode..and of course, as stated above..u can always minepop for space as long as u have 3plus lives on your marbles..anyways..there ya go..always wanting to help players learn minefield and get pro at it, because I am always down for good competitive games of MF! Peace, BT
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