Pet Peeve - getting matched as I'm cancelling

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Re: Pet Peeve - getting matched as I'm cancelling

Postby XD XD XD » Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:57 pm

moonfish wrote:what about people who accidentally hit the 'back' button?

Losing a match due to hitting the back button by accident sucks so bad. I'm pretty sure there's a fix though:

Hitting the back button on the home page of the NFL Mobile app pops an "Exit" dialog. It says "this will exit the application" and offers a choice to either cancel or exit.

So, I'd imagine it could certainly be worked out for Cestos that when you hit the back button during a match it brings up a dialog box that states something like "this will exit the match" and give you a chance to cancel the action.

I hope that little changes like this are still on the radar for the ChickenBrick team...I enjoy this game a lot but there are so many little things like this that could be improved upon.
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