Project INF Game Guide, Leveling, and Strategies

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Project INF Game Guide, Leveling, and Strategies

Postby Socks AKA Feety » Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:56 am

Hello fellow INFer! This is a basic guide and playing tips for new players on how to effectively play Death Match (DM), Capture The Flag (CTF), and leveling. Personally, I think CTF requires more strategy and teamwork so I will focus more on that. Not that DM doesn't as you will see!
I have conjured these strategies up through experience from playing and learning from other players. Enjoy.

DM Street/Park:

DM is good for when you're starting out and learning how to stay alive. This is self-explanatory. The goal is to get to 100 kills first before the opposing team does. The best class for DM is scout because scouts are good at quick evasion therefore they can stay alive by sprinting away! Look at my class guide also for benefits and disadvantages of each class. A strategy would be to use the tables/cars/objects and your base to your advantage. Don't go off alone to the other team's base unless you know what you're doing till then stick around your base. Fight in groups. It is also a good start to learn some teamwork. Ultimately, you want to be good at CTF.

CTF Hospital:

When you think you have a good feel for controls and staying alive, its time to take a more active role in CTF! The goal here is to be the first team to capture 5 flags. The are several "roles" and these are independent from what class you are (scout, marine, brute, medic). They are:

"The Runner": Usually a high level (>20), more experienced player. Usually is a scout or marine. Person goes to other team's base to grab their flag and bring it back to base to capture. This takes practice to perfect. I would advise to watch effective runners and see what items they use, when they use certain items, and how they run.

"The Holder": Carries enemy flag while the other team has our flag. May be the Runner. The flag can be passed into a Holder by a Runner using invisibility or being killed (DO NOT "BACKPRESS" or press home or back to give the flag to a new player. Backpressing is considered cheating. Play fair). The holder spends a lot of money healing so be a supportive teammate and return!

"The Returner": This is the most tasking job. The Returner could be any class. The Returner repeatedly goes to enemy base to retrieve flag. Try to stay alive but it's ok to die and respawn too. Keep at it, persistence pays! Your holder is depending on you to get the flag back!

"The Defender": The most common job. Usually is a brute or medic or a noob scout. The Defender stays at base and defends the flag Holder from getting snatched by Runners and also defends attackers from killing the Holder.

When starting out, you should be a Defender or Returner when your team calls for it.

CTF Park:

Is reserved for free flag running (FFR) and veterans! (Joke! Sorta...) This is a more intense version of hospital CTF and requires more experienced players. This is where good park games are made and clan wars happen. If you get told to leave because of an event, don't take it personally! Be a good sport and leave. You'll want to anyway.


The highest level achievable is 50. Each class has 4 unique abilities. Abilities are unlocked at levels 1, 3, 8, and 20. Although DM is a good start to learn how to play, CTF is a faster way to level, IMO.
Tip: When there isn't a park CTF going on you are allowed to capture flags to level. This is called free flag running (FFR). If you have 3 people this is even better since it is a team game everyone gets credit for the capture. :) You could do this in hospital too when a new hospital opens (a new hospital opens when there are 14 players in a hospital already) but this is more risky. Do this at your own discretion.

There you have it. Have fun out there!
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Re: Project INF Game Guide, Leveling, and Strategies

Postby bohab » Mon Feb 27, 2012 2:19 pm

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Re: Project INF Game Guide, Leveling, and Strategies

Postby ROC_SOL1D » Wed Feb 29, 2012 5:02 pm

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Re: Project INF Game Guide, Leveling, and Strategies

Postby P_R_I_3_S_T » Wed Feb 29, 2012 6:38 pm

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