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Postby Mr.BeastVWmvp » Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:54 pm

Ranking, 5 years ago up to now is a grind.

You gotta have a hunger for it.

Back in the day when the oldschool folks like Redwine and B0mbtracks and oNe2III and whoever else were owning the leaderboards were still around they didn't worry if somebody started playing 200, 300, 400 games a day. That person is not a threat. He would eventually give up.

They got scared if they knew somebody was HUNGRY.

THAT GUY is a threat.

I don't give a f*ck if that foo only plays 50 games a day they're gunna keep going and going and going and MAKE your a** fight for your spot.

Like a pack of wild dogs chasing after a piece of meat.

If the hunger is there they WILL NOT stop until they get it.

When the top ranked dudes saw somebody playing like crazy all they had to do was win a thousand games or whatever and the foo chasing after their rank would get discouraged and give up.

And when the other potential rank chasers saw one of their own give up they too got discouraged. Which was great for fending off the other moths.

Anyway, you didn't see a lot of people with that hunger. But if you did your a** better hop on sumo and get some points.

The reason Redwine is no longer #1 is because he lost the hunger.

The reason oNe2III is no longer #1 is because he lost the hunger.

The reason BT is no longer #1 is because he lost the hunger.

The reason 7-_-ate-_-9 is no longer #1 is because he lost the hunger.

The reason Mosth8ednTx is no longer #1 is because he lost his 2nd phone.


It doesn't matter if somebody had 300k points more than everybody if that f*cker loses the HUNGER its only a matter of time before he gets dethroned.

There's a satisfaction in knowing you have a %90 win.

There's a satisfaction in knowing you're good at a map.

There's a satisfaction in knowing you have great stats.

But the satisfaction you get when you look at the leaderboards and your name is #1..

Those other feelings don't compare.

All other Cestos accomplishments take a backseat.

The only other accomplishment that can touch that is founding a clan that prospers.

Those 2 are senior to everything else.

Me, I no longer have that hunger to be #1. And I don't plan on chasing it again. I loved ranking. I loved playing 300 games a day. I loved the rivalries. I loved it all. It was a blast.. now for me or anybody else who lost that hunger to try to do it all over again it would be 100x more difficult.. not only because the xp points are sky high. But because we no longer have that fire.. It wouldn't be fun. We wouldn't enjoy it. It would be like some kind of chore. It was great while it lasted and it gave MVP rep but those rank 1 days are long gone. Now I have the memories. And those memories still feel good as fuuck. I'm sure every other player that's been there feels the same way.

In conclusion

What does it take to be #1?


What does it take to STAY #1?

The same thing it took to get there.


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