Scout/Marine/Brute Class Guides and Abilities

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Scout/Marine/Brute Class Guides and Abilities

Postby Socks AKA Feety » Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:41 pm

SCOUT (Runner):

My most favorite and my specialty! The scout is the most versatile out of all the classes because it could be any role. It is built for speed and also has great defensive abilities. Best at staying alive but not big on damage. It is an excellent first choice of vehicle. This is my set up for a scout Runner.


When starting out you get 10 points. Put 5 in regeneration and 5 in speed. You will get a point every other level up to 35 points. For a Runner, you will want to have all 10 in in speed, armor, regen, and put rest in either range or damage. Start out filling up regen because this will save you from spending money using healthpacks and then fill up speed and then armor.

Unlocked Abilities:

Lvl 1: Sprint: 3-4 second boost in speed. 30 seconds delay. Good for a Runner to grab enemy flag or to keep from getting shot.

Lvl 3: Smoke: Damages multiple enemies in contact. 60 seconds delay.

Lvl 8: Flash: Gives a 3-4 second white-out screen blinding enemies in vicinity. 60 seconds delay.

Lvl 20: 3-4 second invisibility. 60 seconds delay.A very useful ability! Good for passing a flag to holder without dying and of course for staying alive.

Set Up:

This is when all your days of leveling and dying relentlessly for that mula pays off! You get to customize what items you buy and how to place them! Options such as stims, pots, and health packs make the game so much more customizable and fun. :) This is my set up for a Semi-Returner. For running I would have purple armor trinket replaced with yellow accuracy trinket. 3 slots are reserved for trinkets and one slot open for item switching. Everyone has their own unique set up, use this only as a guide.
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MARINE (Defender):

Does pretty good damage with as good of defense as scout but not as mobile. Marines are known for being good holders but my set-up here is a killer. Marines are also pretty versatile. This is also another good option when starting out.


Put 5 points in regen and 5 points in armor when starting out. Then max on regen, then armor, then damage/range.

Unlocked Abilities:

Lvl 1: Shield: 3-4 seconds strong armor. 40 seconds delay. Very effective against damage. Reduces damage significantly.

Lvl 3: Bomb: Does about 100-150 damage depending on the opponent's armor. 75 seconds delay.

Lvl 8: Lifesteal: You get half back in health what you do in damage. Lasts for a few seconds also. 60 seconds delay.

Lvl 20: Blink: Teleport a distance. 60 seconds delay.

BRUTE (Defender):

Does the most damage but is least mobile. Best as a Defender not so good as a Runner.


Similar to Marine Defender. Put 5 points in regen and 5 points in armor when starting out. Then max on regen, then armor, then damage/range.

Unlocked Abilities:

Lvl 1: Luck: Increases chances of hitting target. 60 seconds delay.

Lvl 3: Set-Up: Doubles your damage but you cannot move until you get out of set up. 4 seconds delay.

Lvl 8: Enrage: 3 seconds of invincibility and leaves you with 1 xp. 60 seconds delay.

Lvl 20: Reflect: Reflects half of damage back onto enemy. 60 seconds delay.

Note: Set ups for Runner/Returner/Defender/Holder are significantly different based on what is most useful for that role. As of current, I don't have a guide for a medic. They are my least favorite class so I don't feel like doing one for it :-P If anyone wants to do one for a medic or other roles you are welcome to. :)
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Re: Scout/Marine/Brute Class Guides and Abilities

Postby P_R_I_3_S_T » Wed Feb 29, 2012 6:39 pm

good post
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