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SUMO 101

Postby Mr.BeastVWmvp » Mon Dec 31, 2012 4:49 am

In this post I will be talking about one of my favorite maps in the game.


Now I know a lot of players don't like this particular board for several reasons and that's okay. We each all have our own maps that we like to play.

Wether you are a Sumo, Minefield, BH player or whatever I ask that you give this thread a read.

Sumo starts you off with 2 marbles each on a board(literally a board) that has no holes no bombs no walls whatsoever and you have to knock your opponent's marble into the outter space. The map name is kinda self explanatory lol.

Like I previously mentioned, a decent chunk of players dislike this map but there are several advantages to it.

Here are some of them.

1. It will level you up the fastest

2. Racks up your wins quickly

3. Can help you in learning to read your opponent which can be applied to other maps

4. Great map to play if you're trying to rank up

I was playing sumo a couple days ago(or maybe it was yesterday) and I started realizing that I haven't fully mastered this map. There's more that I can learn and improve on in my Sumo'ing. Keep in my mind that my amount of games played on Sumo are atleast 18 thousand. And that's me estimating conservatively.

(Sidenote: no matter how good you are at a map or how many games you've played on it you can always improve and learn new things)

I will borrow from LOS-AMON's comment in the "other" section and say that in Sumo, your initial movement when the game starts plays a heavy part in the outcome of the match. That is one of the keys to becoming a good Sumo player. Master the beginning moves. Actually, master several beginning movements and use your judgment to see which is good for the particular opponent you are playing against. If your opponent is very aggressive you might wanna play it safe and let their aggression be their downfall when they overshoot the ball. Or if your opponent is the one playing it safe you can be a lil more aggressive and use an opening move that will either hit their marbles off in the first turn or will give you a good shooting position in the 2nd turn.

It doesn't necessarily have to be like that but these are just some tips in case you encounter players like those I mentioned.

For me personally one of the types of Sumo players I dread matching the most are the ones who use very wide full force powershots.

Let me describe a power shot.
The game begins.
You get both of your marbles and aim them forward and make a V shape.
If you're on the upper screen it would look llike a regular V and the lower looks like an upsidedown V.

The powershot is a very effective move in Sumo and can oftentimes take out an opponent in one starting movement if it's angled and propelled powerfully enough.

Now it's not that simple. Just because you can make the V doesn't mean you're set to go win a 100 games of Sumo in a row. You have to modify it to fit the opponent you're playing. Use less power when necessary or use more power if the situation calls for it. The angle is also very important too. You can make it as small as a /\ or as wide as / \ or even / \

The wide V is one of my personal favorites but I usually don't apply full force because if my opponent somehow avoids them the marbles would hit each other and knock each other off the ring. I use that move a lot against somewhat aggressive players and its pretty effective.


Learn how to get the feel of how far your marble will go and become good at measuring the distance of your throw.

You can also change the angle of your power shot to a shape that is kind of like a slanted V and thats a good move for some situations.

Enough about powershots.

Now about reading your opponent

Sumo can get psychological.
That's one of the reasons I enjoy it so much.
You can play with your opponents mind and vice versa.
It can be like one big guessing game.
When I play Sumo I am always trying to guess where my opponent will go next.
Left? Right? Slanted? Forward?
You can analyze their past movements and amount of force they use, etc, and play in a way that will effectively combat their style and increase your chance of winning.

TIP: predict your opponents moves and let your own be unpredictable(duh lol)

Example 1: You are playing an aggressive player who usually goes full power on shots and is constantly chasing your ball, so you can assume that they will most often do power movements like those, a good strategy against players like those is avoiding their marbles and waiting until you have a good angle and then hit. Instead of going after them with the same amount of power. Work smarter not harder. Sometimes they might even overshoot their own ball and lose.

Example 2: A passive player who avoids your ball and doesn't come after you as much as an aggressive player. Personally, these aren't my favorite to play. A good strategy here is to mix in both dodging and powerplay and bide your time till you have a good angle. Use their past movements to guess where they might go next.

Those are 2 examples and there are others such as the random players who switch up their moves and some players are a mix of all 3. A powerplayer that I consider one of my rivals in Sumo was Virus, he used wide V shots yet was also good at avoiding. Somebody who's a mix of all 3 but also shoots somewhat aggressively would be 9R. 2 of the best Sumo'ers in the game. A really good player who's a girl is LOS Roxy aka Sumo Queen. Last time we played she got me like 4-2 lol.

Also IT IS possible to maintain a decent 70's win percent on Sumo. You can even go 75 and up.

Now to recap the basics of getting good at Sumo




and 4th



Feel free to add more tips onto this thread.

<3 Sumo <3

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Re: SUMO 101

Postby -LOS-R0XY- » Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:26 pm

Thank you Beast for giving other players that 4th tip :P
I have to say everything you mentioned is right on the ball. . .any great Sumo player applies that to every game he/she plays. It is important to have your first move well-oriented because if you don't lose any marbles, it can put you in a position in the second turn that will determine the outcome of the game and the odds can be with you or against you based on where your marbles land. Be safe, yet unpredictable with your moves is probably one of the most important rules in my book. Also, try to always maintain the center of the board because it will give you an advantage with the right moves (:
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