Team fortress classic and class ideas...

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Team fortress classic and class ideas...

Postby wheresmyaxe » Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:02 am

Greetings INF community. I want to thank all the developers for taking the time making this AWESOME game. I've been spending a lot of time draining my droids battery power on this tasty little treat =)

Back to the subject matter. I'm curious if anybody has played TFC modification for the half-life engine? It's a game that is very similar to PRoject INF and poses great creative potential for future development imo. I'm curious if the developers used Team fortress as a platform for the development of Project INF. In anycase, I'm all for expanding the future of this wonderful game.

The concept of Team fortress classic was a head-on team-based capture the flag game which pitted about 7-8 classes on each side agianst each other.

Some classes included.

Heavy weapons: very slow brute like character.
Scout: Very fast, practically harmless but great at capturing the flag.
Soldier: MArine type character that shot rockets but was rather slow.
MEdic: Could heal the team-members or infect the other team with a damage-over-time disease that could only be cured by another medic.
SPy: Very fun class that could turn "invis" "back-stab" and use a slow frag-like grenade.
Sniper: long-ranged shooter class.
Engineer: Could place several sentry machines around the map.

I may be missing a couple of classes since it's been a whole, but this game has HUGE similarities. I think TFC was an awesome game and i hope the future of project INF is headed in a similiar development direction. I will do my part in promoting this game for sure,

Best of luck,

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Re: Team fortress classic and class ideas...

Postby Shinigami21 » Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:30 pm

Awesome first post. Welcome to the forums. I completely agree except that would be a bit too complicated for a cell phone game. Maybe in the future we will hopefully see some of this. Especially w phones like the Nexus 1 coming out. But I'm sure INF will come up with new classes and maps.

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Re: Team fortress classic and class ideas...

Postby ZooM » Tue Jan 26, 2010 2:35 pm

I can see where you'd get this idea from. The similarities are definately there.

If you actually look at the game of INF though they kind of grouped some of the classes and abilities into three equal classes. Its sort of like a Rock Paper Scissors kind of thing, one has a weakness to one and an advantage over another. Its kind of like a cycle. Everyone seems to be discussing a medic class. I really hope that actually is created, but I think for that to happen it would require a lot of planning and beta testing so it merges in with the three classes already in existence and has no full out advantage or disadvantage over the three classes.
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