WeLCoME!!! (board walkthrough and guidelines)

New to the ChickenBrick forums? Get acquainted here!

WeLCoME!!! (board walkthrough and guidelines)

Postby Phantasm » Sat Jan 02, 2010 1:30 am

Hey, how are you doing today? My name is Phantasm. Why don't you come in and take a seat?

Welcome to the ProjectINF community forums. This is your place to connect with fellow players, spark interesting conversation, and enjoy the experience. We're really glad you're here!

In order for everyone to enjoy the game and board, here are some simple guidelines we hope you can follow

1. Keep your convo clean and/or about the game itself, sexual harassment, slander, and prejudice is not permitted here.
2. A sense of humor and a positive attitude is most welcome!
3. Please do not post spam, porn, or promote piracy, I have very little tolerance for such behavior.
4. Show respect for all of the moderation staff. We volunteer our time to help out the ChickenBrick Studios developers and all the members of this community. We really appreciate the consideration.
5. Try to remain civil, if you want to start trouble, keep it in the warzone.

If you have any problems or questions ask your clan leader or you can contact BeautifulDeath, myself, or one of the moderators/assistant moderators.

If you are new and have questions please post a topic, and I'm sure one of our great members will respond and help.

Thanks for taking time to read the above, and welcome once again to the forums!

Now that you know the house rules, let me give you a quick tour of the forums:

Within this Welcome Forum

:arrow: Above the welcome area page you will notice "Archives." This is the most historical of all forum areas. In it is that of Interface/Server/Balancing Gameplay. This is where many players have helped to shape the game by voicing their suggestions and giving feedback to the developers.

Off Topic :arrow: This area is for random player interaction. A good place to joke around and have fun. Be sure to visit Strategy and Gameplay at the top of this forum
for tips and tricks.

Multi-Media :arrow: a new section lead by XOLOgist filled with pictures and videos that pertain to the game or players.

Entertainment :arrow: This is where all the silly games, ingame events, and player recognition is collected.

WARZONE :arrow: This is the place for clan discussion, public announcements, and brawling. This is the INF verbal battlefield. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen!...err...or warzone in this case.

Within the WARZONE

PvP Team Arena :arrow: Do you like fighting one on one? Come here and join the team. This player verses player fighting group is run by VampireRollen. They enjoy coming together ingame to battle to the death.

Clan Forums Private :arrow: If you do not belong in a clan that owns one of these, this area will appear empty. If you do belong to one of these clans and can't access it, speak to your leader who has moderator permissions to his/her particular forum controls.

Clan Directory :arrow: The best place to get acquainted with all the clans of INF. From old to new, active and inactive, nearly every clan that has ever existed on INF is here.

:idea: Attention Clan Leaders! Follow this link to learn how to make the most of your clan within the INF community.

Promotional Forum :arrow: This is a new area run by Loopz. We are presently working on a forum that is intended to...promote INF! Go figure right? :lol:

Well that's it! Now that you've learned a bit, why don't you take a look around yourself? You can use the search options to look for people you know or topics you are interested in.

Enjoy your stay. We hope you stick around.

Your night owl admin,
Phantasm <{•¥•}>
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