why do these guys keep bickering and insulting eachother?

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why do these guys keep bickering and insulting eachother?

Postby MoC4Life » Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:01 pm

Valid question.

The answer is this: after returning to this forum and trying to renew interest and competition in cestos, beast started smelling something fishy. That something was wraith. He is not the first one. I smelled tuna in the air long ago and called out wraith's dishonest and hypocritical methods. Others have seen it even before myself. The thing is, this stench has now permeated LOS, last one standing, the cockroaches of cestos.

Of course beast shining light on this fraud ENRAGED him and his flock.

Why doesn't wraith simply deny cheating and clear up the misunderstanding?

Two things: -he is guilty and has no defense. -He is a sociopath.

A sociopath!???

Yes: how-to-spot-a-sociopath-t6703.html-sid=5daff005bb5a20c164003ded26807fd1

Instead of clearly refuting claims made, he angrily rushes to ad hominum attacks, attempting to belittle the accuser and remove his misdeeds from the spotlight. Classic behavior.

His flock follows suit.

What kind of people would so blindly follow and support this head case?

Lets look at his most faithful:

Right hand man, a self important douche, aka "shaft milker." This type of guy considers himself infallable. He is Mr perfect in his own world. A faithful member of los who supposedly mentored wraith, who is now his daddy.

The pea brained douche. This is an important member of the flock. Unlike shaft milker, its not that pea brain is too proud to admit his group is a joke, he's just too stupid. A valuable sheep because he can be roasted over and over but he keeps coming back with more.

The Polish kid. I don't want to ridicule this one as much because I don't think he deserves it. Honestly I think he doesn't quite understand everything that is going on because its lost in translation. Probably a good kid, but he keeps showing up so we have to recognize this flock member. His only weapon is to sarcastically agree with his opponent. "Yep you really got me there!" What he doesn't realize is that only serves to make him look foolish and ignorant.

Lets just be glad this mini Charles Manson nutcase is only running a farce clan on a phone game and lacks the intelligence for anything more dangerous.
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