WoC b*tch!

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WoC b*tch!

Postby MoC4Life » Mon Nov 21, 2011 2:17 pm

Relaxing on the can this morning I thought Id take this opportunity to announce something exciting..

Ms. Tori and I were chatting a bit the other day (see I can have friends from LOS, even though most LOSers have turned their backs on me after my revelations of truth... but that's neither here nor there), and we casually discussed a new clan idea that may prove to be unstoppable!

I know what you're probably thinking.. "what is WoC?" and more importantly, "How do I join?" ...let me answer your questions..

Introducing the hottest new clan concept: Whores of Cestos.. WoC!
Keep in mind its just in the concept stage.. it may be a while until its perfected enough to launch.. if ever.

There are ranks and everything.. just like the coolest clans! See:

PD Pimp Daddy (reserved)
BB Bottom b*tch (reserved)

And as we all know the top ranks control all the property but as in any clan, even though the others are the powerless b*tch of the clan, we gotta assign ranks to everyone to keep em happy and loyal right ;) ...in seriousness though, this clan would be a bit different because each ranking ho does perform an important role. But ofI course, if a member fails to produce, Id wave a pimp hand and they'd be kicked to the curb.
Would be an ever growing list but here's some more...

HP Ho Patrol aka driver
HB Ho Bouncer aka the muscle
NB Nasty b*tch
CH Cheap Ho
SB Short b*tch
HaB Hard a** b*tch
SH Skanky Ho

Again this is just a concept of a group that is nowhere near launching and I've barely started testing interest, but theres already a waiting list longer than my d*ck.

If you wanna hop on that waiting list send me your name, desired rank, and why you think you have what it takes to hit the streets and produce for us! And btw, stats would have NO factor in acceptance, the rigorous testing would strictly measure your ability to kick a** in the role.
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Re: WoC b*tch!

Postby ChiCy » Mon Nov 21, 2011 7:18 pm

Simply WOW!..lmao
Ur ranks will fill fast jizzy don't worry..Ha ha
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Re: WoC b*tch!

Postby MoC4Life » Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:13 pm

Chicy you were one of the first! Its funny though everyone started claiming ranks and tagging them but nobody wanted to tag the actual WoC part lmao I wonder why! Not whores? Yeah right!
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